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Overview of Clover POS System, its Features, and Benefits


A Point of sale is an integral part of a point of purchase. It is because it refers to the place a customer gives the payment for his services or goods. It is the place the sales tax calculation as payable is available.  It is the place where POS systems and terminals in a physical store process virtual sales points or card payments, such as a mobile electronic device or a computer. 

Knowledge about POS

Point of sale is crucial for marketers as these are the strategic locations that the consumers make decisions to buy high-margin services or products. Traditionally, the POSs are set up near the exit of the store, and thus the impulse purchase rate for customers’ increases. Even changing the locations of the POS gives the retailers opportunities to buy specific product categories and influence consumers in the sales funnel.

The department stores facilitate individual product groups with POS Systems. It will have electronics and appliances as one group, while the apparel and cosmetics are other groups. The aim is to actively promote products. It is an attempt to guide the purchasing decisions of consumers than merely processing transactions. The POS format affects the buying behavior and offers flexible options to the consumers to make a purchase. 

What is the clover POS System?

Clover was acquired in 2012 by First Data. It was then acquired in 2019 by Fiserv. Fiserv is the largest financial technology and payments provider in the world. Signing up with Clover means you will use Fiserv on the backend for payment processing. It allows you to work through different providers offering merchant services. 

The Clover POS System is an affordable and robust choice for entrepreneurs with retail outlets, restaurants, or professional services.  It has high-quality and simple-to-use features, while its versatile hardware allows ringing up sales or adding orders efficiently. Its pricing is transparent, though it is not coming as an inexpensive option.

Features of Clover

You can start with Clover POS System to select a hardware and software plan to use. You also have the choice to mix and match the options of POS hardware and software. Thus, you can meet the specific needs of your business, get customized setups particularly, for retail, restaurants, and general service businesses. 

The biggest advantage of this vital POS System is that it comes with:

  • Customer service 24 x7 offering phone support
  • Ability to accept online payments through a virtual terminal
  • Reporting tools allowing filtering POS reports, track revenue to see the best-selling items and busiest times, view reports end-of-day, get average sales from all the locations, track per employee total sales, and lots more.
  • Ability to set up physical and digital gift cards
  • Allows to sync with apps of third-party such as Yelp and QuickBooks.
  • Use Rapid Deposit, offering you access to funds within minutes generated by sales transactions at a 1% fee, and you need not wait typically up to three business days.

Pros of Clover

Affordable prices

The POS System of Clover is at affordable prices. The payment processing of Clover is reasonable than the competitors. The Register Lite Plan of Clover charges a 2.7% + $0.10 transaction rate. It is almost similar to Stripe and PayPal. The Register Plan also features a reduced rate of 2.3% + $0.10 transaction rate, and this rate keeps all their competitors away. The Clover Flex POS and Mini POS are available for under $750. However, even then, with many businesses, it is best to get a $1000 point of sale hardware to enjoy a complete set. Nevertheless, you cannot afford to overlook the affordable prices of Clovers POS Systems.

All-in-one Umbrella

The POS system of Clover comes as everything included. It encompasses hardware, software, and payment processing. But for Clover Go, you can use the POS system without depending on a tablet or Smartphone. You can always keep things simple by buying the services and goods as an appealing bundle. It will be an all-in-one umbrella solution. 

Top-notch hardware

The hardware of Clover operates with ease and great speed suit various business purposes, such as the retail outlets, restaurants, and services. The versatility and functionality are enough to justify more prices on the setups that are elaborate, such as the Station Pro.

If you are looking for great hardware options for the Point of Sale system and want it to facilitate with the ease-to-use, a good choice is Clover POS. There may be slight imperfections, but for it, nothing can beat its quality and functionality; besides, its prices will keep your bank safe.