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Packaging Workflow Management: What Is Artwork Management And Why Is It Important

Workflows Accordingly
Workflows Accordingly

Does your company still follow the old method to get artwork approval? Those methods are time-consuming and require a lot of attention to just getting feedbacks from all the team members. Learn about the advanced artwork management option which can make your work way easier.

Talking about any kind of company, we will notice these things different departments teams, minimum communication, pending reviews, mails, and wasting time on scheduling meetings. And if we see the process the artwork approval looks quite far from being reviewed. Artwork management is the practice where with the help of artwork workflow management software a perfect environment is created to receive the best results. Artwork management is an important practice as it can help in increasing the efficiency of a project, improve the project management, decreased the number of revisions rounds, future recalls, and missed deadlines.

Why Artwork Management Is Important For Every Project?

There is various artwork management software available in the market like Artwork Flow and many more. The feature provided by these is almost the same for every option available. Below some of the effective and important features are mentioned which will help you understand the importance of artwork management.


You Can Customize Workflows Accordingly

Have you ever created a journal or daily schedules, you must have followed the same structure but the only differentthing will be that it is according to your requirements. It’s same with the artwork management, in this you can create checklists, tasks, and workflows according to your needs and requirements for successful completion of the project. These tasks can be assigned to individuals which will be easily tracked.

Track The Status Of Multiple Project

6 Reasons Why Artwork Management Is Necessary For Your Brand Packaging


These also have project tracking features where managers can see the progress of whole projects by looking at the completed or pending task and checklist. This can help them in planning the next steps that need to be taken related to the project. Through this feature whole team will be aware of deadlines, and some software like artwork flow offers a reminder option where a mail will send to the individual to remind them of their tasks and deadlines. You can also add more than one project at the same time and shuffle between them to see the progress for each of them.

Digital Artwork Proofing Tool

6 Reasons Why Artwork Management Is Necessary For Your Brand Packaging

One of the most useful features of the artwork management software is that you can directly scan the document, files and know about the details like font color, size, style, background, etc. Any kind of sample can be directly uploaded and it will show all the details of the packaging. There are also some comparison tools available somewhere you can compare two documents by placing them side by side. It helps in better visualizing and seeing the changes made in the revised document.

Collaborations Of Teams and stakeholders

6 Reasons Why Artwork Management Is Necessary For Your Brand Packaging


A group of teams from different departments can be added where all the discussions will be held. With the help of the commenting feature, all the stakeholders can review the files and documents from any part of the world. This helps in getting instant feedback and discussion this way the number of the revision can be decreased.


It’s so rare that a time a company is only working on one single project. There will be multiple projects going on simultaneously. So much data and files will be transferred among team members and multiple modifications will be created which can be a little confusing. As which file was sent when and what’s the revised version of that. Artwork management software like artwork flow provides variant tracking features where all the files will be stored with the dates. In this way, you can keep track of all the files without mixing any of them and end up using the wrong file.

Digital Asset Management

What can be better than having a platform which has a cloud-based storage system on which you can keep all of your files stored. With a small mistake or virus, your files can be destroyed from your local system and you can’t reach them all the time. But with this feature, your files will be much safer and these can be accessed from anywhere. It only requires an internet connection and your professional email which help you in logging the platform.

Wrapping It up!

There are so many artwork management options available that can make your job way easier especially for the approval part. This can help in speeding up the process, communicating with other teammates, reviewing the files, completing tasks and lists.