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Perfect Fire Pit Party: How To Entertain Your Family & Friends

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Is there anything more exciting than a fire pit party or private Iftar? As a member of the Chef à la carte Personal Chef Dubai Service, we are happy to share all of our favourite techniques and fun “covid safe” meal ideas with you. A growing number of people are looking for new and safe ways to meet together as the pandemic affects our daily lives. It’s safer to entertain at home in the great outdoors, and many of us have gotten inventive with our backyards. Gatherings around fire pits are becoming increasingly common around the country. Along with having plenty of fresh air and warmth, fire pits tend to be popular with people since they provide us plenty of room to socialise in peace with one another.

Equipment for The Perfect Fire Pit Party

  • A fire pit is a must-have for a fire pit party, of course. Modern stoves produce less smoke than other fire pits. Firewood logs of any kind can be used, and they transform into a fine ash that is easy to clean up afterward.
  • Many people are now choosing for single-use things in order to be prepared for a pandemic. As a result, it’s more crucial than ever that we regard our world. For your fire pit party, try choosing eco-friendly goods from ECO Party Warehouse instead of plastic and paper plates. These dishes and flatware are not only disposable, but also biodegradable. As a result of this, there is no need to clean up or dispose of anything afterward.

Tips for The Perfect Fire Pit Party

When planning a fire pit party, Chef à la carte recommends spending extra time focusing on these specifics.

  • Chef à la carte recommends taking additional care on these details while preparing a fire pit party.
  • When in doubt, advise guests to wear masks or supply disposable masks for those who feel more comfortable wearing them.
  • Create an area around your fire pit so guests may wash their hands throughout the evening.

The Perfect Fire Pit Party Food

Every get-together needs food, but in our “new-normal,” that’s a hurdle. For a fire pit party this winter, Chef à la carte private chef Dubai offers some interesting goodies. Serve your food on individual plates to safeguard the safety of your cohabitants.

Savory Treats

Kebobs are the best snack to serve at a fire pit gathering. With so many different options, you may prepare a skewer for each person.

  • For example, Grilled Greek Beef Kabobs with tomatoes and zucchini are a favourite of Chef à la carte. Besides being a remarkable crowd pleaser, they are insanely juicy, bursting with flavour and an entire meal in one. Beef and veggies should be sliced into bite-sized pieces before being skewered and served with Whipped Feta Tzatziki Dip.
  • It is simple to make these Thai Marinated Chicken Kabobs. Little little of sweetness, a little bit of heat.

Sweet Treats

  • They are always well-received and offer an alternative to the conventional S’mores dessert. They’re very simple to put together. You’ll need to cut up some fruit and cake into bite-sized pieces. Cake and fruit can be alternated, just like a shish kabob, and roasted slowly.
  • S’mores can be elevated by using Nutella, peanut butter cups, or your favourite chocolate bar instead of the conventional marshmallows. As far as I’m concerned, they’re not. Consider substituting a different variety. Add strawberries or bananas to your graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate treat.
  • Of course, when you’re huddled around the fire, you should be sipping on a cocktail. Hot chocolate with Bailey’s, Kahlua, or Rum is a wonderful treat. Damn Delicious’ Kahlua Hot Chocolate is one of our favourites. Also, warm apple cider, Bourbon, or earthy red wine would be welcome. Cocktails must be made ahead of time and served on a platter, or they can be brought along in an insulated thermos.

For those who are still overwhelmed by the idea of providing food and drinks for your fire pit party, simply ask your guests to bring their own beverages. Having everyone together will make everyone incredibly happy. They’ll also appreciate not having to spend another night binge-watching Netflix. Putting together their own meal and drink will be a breeze for them to pull off.

Socially Distanced Fun

No fire pit at home? No problem! Chef à la carte Personal Chef Dubai Service now offers virtual cooking sessions that you can take from the comfort of your home. Zoom allows you to spend an evening with friends or family while learning new cooking techniques and producing new recipes via Zoom.