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Perfect Fruity Weed Strains to Try Out


There are tons of weed strains to try out, and sadly, you might not have enough time to experience them all. When you’re looking for fruity flavours to try out, instead of heading out immediately to buy Guava Cake marijuana strain, know your options first.

Depending on whether you’re looking for multiple flavour profiles or just want an intense fruity taste to your weed, there are many options available. Consider checking these versatile fruity weed strains for your next session.

Guava Cake

Known as a rare Indica hybrid, you can shop Guava Cake strain, Ottawa,without issues. It has a delicious flavour that is similar to sweet tropical berries. It has an earthy aroma with a hint of fruitiness and a heavy overtone of tropical berries.

When you’re looking for something hard-hitting to put you to sleep, you have to try this out. At first, you’ll feel a rush of energy that slowly fades away to put you into a lulling and peaceful sleep.

Cereal Milk

When you search for an evenly balanced and delightful hybrid strain, don’t hesitate to buy the Cereal Milk strain. It has a unique flavour, with a creamy and sugary taste that almost overwhelms the fruity notes. The fragrance that this strain gives off is similar to the taste as well.

If you need a calming effect that puts you at peace, this strain can be perfect. It is a great mood uplifter and can make you feel happy for hours after you’ve consumed it. It’s also great if you’re looking for some inspiration or a burst of creativity for your work. Many people who suffer from chronic stress, nausea or loss of appetite also tend to go for this strain.


Known to be an Indica dominant strain, the Sherbert strain is just like it sounds. It’s a hybrid of Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies and tastes like sherbert ice cream. It has a sweet and creamy flavour that has a slightly nutty aftertaste.

It’s known for its calming and numbing effects and will serve to relieve you of mental and physical fatigue in no time. It starts with a euphoric high and slowly settles you into a relaxing state that’s ideal for meditation or running your daily errands.

Papaya Punch

Known for its super-sweet flavour and intense effects, Papaya Punch can definitely take you for a spin when you’re trying it out for the first time. It’s perfect for relaxing and kicking back after a stressful day or when you have no plans for your day.

It has intense sedative effects, so if you’re looking for a restful sleep, this can be perfect for trying out. Whether you buy Guava Cake marijuana strain or Papaya Punch, know that you’re in for a fruity time with each of them!