Home Gifts Personalized Pillows: How they Make a Great Gifting Object

Personalized Pillows: How they Make a Great Gifting Object

Photo Pillows: How they Make a Great Gifting Object

Throw pillows are indeed a great part of any home decor. They play a significant role in transforming a space. So, why not use it for yourself or get them to loved ones? Buying Personalized throw pillows are trendy and unique to look at; printing adorable family pictures or a vacation portrait will surely help you keep the best memories intact.

With such great options in hand, you can easily make someone’s birthday, anniversary, and other occasions memorable by giving them a set of personalized pillows. However, if you are skeptical about such events where you can gift such personalized pillows, you hit the right spot. Here are some events that make photo pillows the best gift ideas. Let’s get started.

1.      Birthdays

A personalized cushion is a perfect birthday gift for every age group. You can even give this to your younger cousins or colleagues on their special day. A buffer is a functional decor item; it can provide support for your back or aching legs.

Children especially love cushions with anime characters. Be it naruto or frozen princess on the pillows; they will keep it near them all the time. If you are gifting it to someone close, then make sure to know their likes and dislikes. For example, if you give it to a child, try to understand which cartoon character they like and see which images make them smile the widest.

For adults or colleagues, you can go with designer prints or quirky quotes. Do you love traveling and clicking snaps of sunrise and sunsets? You can make elegant personalized pillows by using your gallery images. Make sure to use high-resolution pictures; otherwise, they will look blurry when printed on the fleece.

2.      Bachelorette & Spinster party gifts

Bachelorette and spinster parties are full of fun and wildness. As the groom and the bride celebrate their last term of singlehood, a quirky yet surprising gift can make the day more special for them.

You might wonder about the theme of the present because it holds significant value. Putting thought behind something makes it valuable and precious, so choose an image that disguises some secret messages to spice things up. If you have a bachelorette party coming up, think of some fun quotes for your friend and print them on cushions. You can even gift him a token of bachelorhood by printing some partying pictures of him on a cushion set.

You need to step up the game by knowing their decor preferences, favorite shades, and more for pretty ladies. If you are very close to the bride, snoop around her house to get something that can make the gift little fun. Go for abstract prints as they look good in every setting.

3.      Anniversary

Celebrate love and togetherness by gifting customized throw pillows and make their day more memorable. When you are gifting something to a couple, make sure you keep their likes and dislikes in mind. Throw pillows are not only a decor item but are also a functional and useful hit.

You can beautify your sofa set just by adding some unique throw pillows. Make sure to keep the color-coordinated so that it appears nice and stylish. If you are unaware of the couple’s choices and likes, go for a basic printed or a sequin throw pillow. Both these look good with every furniture type and even compliment each other when used together.

Some throw pillow gifting ideas for couples:

  • Add elements like red, roses, or hearts, if you want the gift to be a mood maker for them. With pillows, you can give a box of aromatic candles.
  • Custom printed pillows allow you to choose the theme, look for different print styles, and choose the one with the furniture’s interiors and furniture.

4.      House warming

Generally, people gift kitchen appliances, photo frames, chocolates at housewarming parties. But if you want to give something unique as well as functional, go for personalized throw pillows. Whether they are an old couple or a younger one, pillows make a thoughtful gift for every age group.

Knowing the person is vital to choose the right tone. However, if you are unaware of their likes, go for statement pieces, like a glossy sequin throw pillow, or some pastel shades with quirky quotes.

Some housewarming pillow gifting ideas:

  • As most people are on social media, it is easy to get a glimpse of their abode. Scroll down a few images and try to understand what decor style they follow. Or else watch out for their everyday style quotient to choose a perfect gift.
  • You can even gift some printed cushions with quotes written all over them. These pillowcases look sober and sophisticated with minimal effort. Choose quotes that go well with their personality to make it more personalized.

5.      DIY customized throw pillows

Getting customized pillows from high-end stores seems an expensive affair. You have to pay a huge amount for a pair of pillows. So, here I am sharing how you can make a throw pillow by yourself. To start with, you will need a pair of used t-shirts, fabric or fleece, scissors, iron, a sewing kit, and transfer paper sheets.

  • First, choose an image that you want to print, scroll through your phone gallery or google to get the image.
  • Print it on a transfer paper and then place it on the fabric’s top and slowly iron the paper, until the whole image sticks to the fabric.
  • Apply pressure to every corner and curve of the image for a clean finish.
  • Fill it up with cotton and stitch the ends nicely; you can also add hand embroidery to make it elegant.
  • Your personalized throw pillow is ready to give.


Photo cushions can become those statement pieces that explain your personality and tell the story behind the picture elegantly. These are not only great decor pieces, but they also make cute and quirky tokens of appreciation. A gift must hold a certain amount of thoughts to make it special for the person; gifting a fond memory of them printed on a pillow will offer them something to hold for long.