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Photo albums and calendars like never before!


You have most definitely had a photo album in your hands, but have you ever thought about making your own photo book? Perfectly designed and printed with the utmost quality? Well, it’s simpler than you think. All you need to do is… read this article and learn something about a photo album – and calendar! – making software.

The idea of storytelling

The thing is, everything seems to be digital these days. Even memories. All those moments captured by a camera, both professional and in a smartphone. In fact, most of us are using phones to immortalize precious moments with family and friends. But that’s not all because even the old, traditional prints are often scanned and kept as digital images whereas the originals are being hidden somewhere safe.

All that means, a photo album maker software can put separate images together and create a story out of them. You, the user, can decide about the way these memories are aligned with each other and how the whole story flows. A vacation photo album, for example. Just imagine. You start with packing, a lot of stress, a lot of tension and anxiety before the adventure, then an airplane, a hotel – very pretty at that – and the beach… my god, the beach! You and your family finally at the best ocean site in the world, but a save return is equally important, right? Home sweet home, everyone’s back relaxed, happy and with a suntan on those wonderful faces. And when you’re done with the narrative, you arrange frames and other visual additions alongside with the cover of your brand-new photo album that can be printed in high quality and shared. Isn’t that something?

The photo album software has some extra features that help you design the final photo book. You can add a text, use templates, different stickers and clip arts. All of this is very intuitive and easy to use. Try it and see for yourself.

Let’s talk about a custom-made calendar

Making your own personalized photo book and printing it according to your taste and preferences is a one thing. The other – a calendar. Every month something special happens. Your kid’s birthday in spring, or just a pretty perfect Sunday afternoon in the summer garden followed by traditional family skiing in the winter… As you have produced a photo album, now you can use a calendar creator app which works on very similar principles. You upload digital images, arrange them into a storyline (in this case seasons changing month by month), add some stuff here, put a frame there and print it. A perfect calendar for a family wall, or in the office for that matter. Simple to make and very little to pay for as well.