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Planning to Get Married? Book Banquet Hall in Mumbai


Mumbai, a cosmopolitan city where people come with dreams and experience a handful of opportunities. If you have plans to get married in this beautiful city, it is exhausting to search for wedding venues to choose the best banquet hall in Mumbai.

Among a list of choices to choose one top-most and fully-facilitate Wedding Venue in Mumbai definitely takes time.

But, it can become so easy if you have proper planning of why, when, and how to find out the best wedding venue in Mumbai.

Fortunately, there are lots of applications and websites to help you reach the most convenient option, but you still need to work hard for picking the one.

Before you lead by any other’s opinion, make sure about a few things.


Banquet Hall in Mumbai

Without scaling up the budget, you can’t take any step. The budget is an extremely important factor that you need to ensure. Start making a rough list of stuff that you will require and payments that you need to make. Take an overview of the city where you want to arrange a wedding. If we talk about Mumbai, the marriage hall rent is higher than any other city like Ahmedabad or Surat. Get ready with a budget and try to stick to it. However, a little up and down is okay but not more than that.


Wedding Banquet Halls in Mumbai

If you live too far from the marriage place, you will have to experience lots of troubles. To avoid such troubles and inconveniences, you need to make sure the place of marriage is near so that all the attendees and you can reach on time.

Transportation and accommodation

Best Banquet Hall in Mumbai

Whether the marriage hall is near or far, you have to arrange transportation for attendees. Not only for transportation, but you also have to make sure about how many guests are going to attend your wedding and book accommodation for them accordingly.


Wedding Venue in Mumbai

Vegetarian or non-vegetarian? Alcohol or non-alcohol? These are the most basic questions that you should keep in mind. Many restaurants in banquet halls prefer only vegetarian food and if you have non-vegetarian dishes, you need to finalise this thing. However, alcohol is allowed in Mumbai, but you need to ask them about whether it is allowed or not in their place.


Wedding Hall in Mumbai

Depending upon the guests, you need to ask them for parking. Also, it is necessary to look into marriage hall guest capacity before you book the venue for your event. And make sure that there is enough parking space so that everything will remain convenient. From which source your guests will go to reach the spot? Are they taking their own vehicle or going to use public transport? Finding out answers to this question is necessary.

 Bottom line,

Are you looking out for the most ravishing Banquet Hall in Mumbai? Well, above all things will help you choose the best suitable venue to throw a big-bang wedding.

Did we miss anything? Share what we can add to this list through the below comment box.