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Plunge Into the World of Multi-services Business by Launching the Rappi Clone

Rappi Clone

The hulking demand for online services is the catalyst for the lightning growth of apps that provide on-demand services. Super apps, also known as multi-services apps, are becoming more popular with each passing day. Several well-established companies and new entrepreneurs are eyeing the steep growth of the super apps and are agog to unfold their super apps.

The concept of super apps is still emerging in different countries, and even some countries lack super apps. So, for new entrants, there is immense scope for launching their super apps. Alright! Here, the discussion will be on how Rappi, a super app, captured the interests of audiences and sustains the competitive world of on-demand services.

Rappi – A Successful Super App

Rappi is a multi-service provider company that is headquartered in Colombia. The company was started in the year 2015 and covers a broad spectrum of on-demand services like food, taxi booking, e-commerce, payments and a horde of other online services.

Whenever a service or a product becomes attains massive success, it becomes the center of attraction for other businesses. Likewise, Rappi’s success deserves the attention of startups or companies that are aiming for on-demand multi-services business.

Strategies Followed By Rappi To Attain Success

Rappi is highly successful in the Latin American region due to various reasons. Let us discuss the reasons for the success of Rappi in Latin America along with some tactics followed by Rappi.

  • Constant experimentation – Taking the customer’s preferences as inputs and constantly upgrading the business to match the changing trends are the general tactics to be followed by every business. That’s what Rappi does. The company keeps working on the customer’s pain points and likings. 
  • Region-based targeting – If you take Latin America, then there is a broad category of culture. The diversity in culture will definitely be challenging for any business to bring in users. To accomplish this, Rappi implemented region-based targeting and segmented the audience. Once you segment your audience, it will be easy to understand their needs and make business decisions accordingly. Here, you may wonder what is regional targeting and the process involved in it. 

For example, in some areas or countries, people may prefer hailing bikes rather than taxis. The reason is obviously the traffic. In a highly populated region, it is not efficient to travel in taxis as people can easily be stuck in traffic. Similarly, the preferences of people vary from region to region. So, that’s why regional targeting is important.

  • Offers and subscriptions – Providing offers on services and products are a pivotal feature in every business, and Rappi handles them well. Similar to how Amazon offers Prime subscriptions for users, Rappi also has Prime subscription plans. Not to leave, the expenditure of Prime members has increased to around 45%.

These are the points that add success to Rappi. Next, you will go through a set of insights on why on-demand businesses are facing rapid growth in Latin America.

Why Latin America Is Perfect For On-Demand Services Business

  • Transportation 

The lack of public transportation sector and traffic conditions pave the way for on-demand transportation services. Generally, a region that is prone to heavy traffic is not suitable for four-wheeler transportation. So, ultimately, people will choose bikes and bicycles. 

Rappi used this opportunity well to extend its bike transportation services. Apart from that, the company was easily able to deliver the food or grocery orders since they employ two-wheelers. So, employing two-wheelers for delivery will increase the speed of delivery.

  • Smartphone usage

Latin America is not only known for its diverse culture but also for the usage of smartphones. Latin America is the second-fastest-growing place in the world for mobile subscribers. Therefore, the higher the number of smartphone users, the higher will be the opportunity for businesses to reach out to customers.

Other than these two reasons, the increasing migration percentage of Latin America also chips in the growth of on-demand services.

Rappi App’s Functionality

  1. Rappi is a three-sided marketplace platform that brings in customers, vendors/service providers, and delivery drivers. All of these stakeholders will get into the app after registration.
  2. From the category of on-demand services, customers will check for the preferred service, order, make the payment, and complete the booking process.
  3. The service booked by the customer will be sent to the vendor/service provider for further processing. Also, Rappi will take its commission percentage from the order and credit the remaining amount to the vendor.
  4. Then the further steps involve dispatching the requested orders to the delivery drivers and then delivering them to the customers.

Consider These Significant Features For Your Rappi Clone

Generally, the Rappi clone app will replicate all the features in the original app. If the development company misses any of these features, you must ensure that they add these features to the app.

  • Social media app – Your app will run out of trend if it doesn’t house the social media login feature. The necessity of the social media login feature is high as it will let users register on your Rappi clone quickly. The social media login feature must be integrated into the customer’s app, delivery driver’s app and also the vendor’s app.
  • Filters – Let your customers narrow down their searches by using the filter option. This feature will be helpful as customers can easily select the category of on-demand service they want.
  • Live tracker – Customers will get more interested in your service if they get to track the orders placed on the app.
  • Fleet tracker – You can fetch the location of the delivery drivers through the real-time fleet tracker. 
  • Earnings – The facility to track the total earnings is made easy for the delivery drivers and vendors as they can simply know their earnings from their respective apps.
  • Availability – The delivery drivers and the vendors can indicate their state of availability for processing the orders and deliveries.

Final thoughts

Voila! You would have definitely enjoyed this summary on Rappi clone app development. As mentioned before, many countries are yet to experience the concept of super apps. So, as an entrepreneur, you have a magnificent opportunity in this on-demand multi-services sector. Launch your Rappi clone super app!