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Popular College Application Essays (And How to Answer Them)


About 700 colleges receive the common application, which is an easier way of applying to multiple colleges through just one form. When applying for college admission, it involves writing custom essay where you will respond to one of the following statements in a 250-650 word essay.

  1. Explain a concept, idea, or topic you find engaging such that it makes you lose track of time. What is captivating about it? Who or what do you turn to in a quest to learn more?

This question requires you to write about an issue you passionately care about. Do not fall into the trap of writing about something you think will impress the panel. Colleges are looking for inquisitive students, who are considerate about the world around them. The part about who or what you turn to in a quest to learn more is equally significant, ensure that you explain how you go after your interests as well.

  • Describe a challenged you’ve conquered or a problem you wish to solve in the future. It can be an ethical dilemma, a research query, or an intellectual challenge; anything of personal importance without considering the scale. Describe its importance to you and how you identified a solution or what could be done to find a solution.

This essay aims to get to what makes you tick and how you think. Present a situation and demonstrate steps towards finding a solution. Admissions committees want insight into how you think and the issues you struggle with. So, describe how you identified the dilemma and how you overcame it.

  • Think about a time you challenged or questioned an idea or belief. What incited your thinking? What were the results?

Your response to this statement can concentrate on a time you defended others or when someone challenged your preconceived view. Choose to answer this question only if you have a specific and relevant experience to narrate and reflect on.

  • The lessons we learn from the challenges we face can be significant to later success. Narrate a time when you encountered a failure, setback, or challenge. How did the situation affect you and what lessons did you derive from the experience?

Remember that your goal is to show your best self to the college. Therefore, even if you state the obstacle you faced, show them that you overcoming the challenges shows perseverance and courage and that the experience changed your perspective.

  • Some students have a talent, interest, identity or background that is so significant that they think their application will be deficient without it. Share your experience if this sounds like you.

Answer this question by reflecting on an experience, an aspect of your personality, or a hobby that is unique and genuinely meaningful to you. The admissions board wants to connect with you and a personal and honest statement about yourself will draw them in. Avoid a repetition of your high school achievements and choose an issue that the admissions board will not find when reading the other part of the application.

When answering any of these questions, you will write in various types of essays such as descriptive or reflective essay. If you are not sure about your capability to write a good application essay, you can buy reflective essay online from our essay writing service. Apart from college application essays, we also provide other types of academic papers. You will be surprised to learn that you can also easily buy dissertation online and other complex papers.

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