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Powerful Blueprint of Uber Clone


When starting a new business with the help of an uber clone script. You know the uber clone solution comes with 3 separate apps including user app, driver app, and web-based admin panel.

However to ensure the success of your uber clone business you need to know about the important features all these different app panels need to have. Don’t worry about making your task simple. Here is the list of features your uber clone app needs to have separately.

Taxi App Like Uber Blueprint

Uber clone user app features

  1. Easy registration and Sign in
  2. Push notifications
  3. Social media login
  4. Account Management
  5. Quick bookings
  6. Live tracking
  7. Live chat with driver
  8. Real-time updates
  9. In-app payments
  10. Ratings and reviews
  11. Offers and promos.
  12. Phone number masking
  13. Share location
  14. Secure online payment option

Uber clone driver app features

  1. Unique Driver profile
  2. Quick registration
  3. Upload documents from the app
  4. Use social media for login
  5. Set availability
  6. Accept/decline ride request
  7. Ride details
  8. Track payments
  9. Push notifications
  10. Previous and upcoming trip log