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Preparing Your Child for Nursery in Dubai


Starting British nursery Dubai is an essential milestone in a child’s life. Both you and your child may experience some anxiety as you begin this new phase.

Here are our top ten ideas for helping your child make a move to Preschool in Jumeirah as painless as possible.

Read with your child

Reading with your child can not only strengthen your relationship, but it will also get you and your youngster talking. Start conversations about the stories you’ve read by reading them aloud, then asking your friends what they thought. Get them used to speak to you about stuff. Reading books about the school can be excellent assistance in opening up about how your child feels. Please use this opportunity to let them talk about their feelings about their new experience and discover whether or not they are nervous about attending a new school.

Practice listening skills and turn to take

Encourage your youngster to participate in family discussions and remember to give others a chance to speak before interrupting someone sharing their news. You might want to try having your own circle time at home with your children’s dolls and stuffed animals or with your other siblings. You can even talk about your school days and recall some amusing or heartwarming incidents or memories from your school days. Just bear in mind to be upbeat throughout the exchange.

Teach your child to recognize their name

No matter how well-versed your child is in reading and writing, they must be able to recognize their name when it appears on lunch boxes, jackets, bottles, and other clearlylabeled items at school. Play games and engage your child in creative activities to help them remember their name. Investigate the letters in their name to see what they look like, and place their name all over the house in places where they would see it.

Take your child along when you visit the school

Take your youngster to see the Best nursery in Jumeirah before they enroll if at all possible. It’s in your child’s best interest to know what to expect on the first day of school. Visit the school during an Open Day if possible, and arrange a meeting with the student’s new teacher. If you can’t make it to the facility together, look at photographs on their website and talk to your child about the things at school they might appreciate – point out the exciting areas you believe they will love the most.

Encourage self-care and independence

Please encourage your child to get dressed, eat, tie their shoelaces, and go to the toilet without your help. Make sure your youngster is potty trained and understands the need to wash their hands correctly after using the restroom. If your child can complete all of these things when alone, try giving them additional responsibility and minor duties like taking their plate to the kitchen after meals and picking up their room’s toys.

Provide opportunities for your youngster to interact with other children of the same age group.

Children who are used to being near peers their age have an easier time adjusting to school. Schedule regular playdates with friends so your child can learn key social skills. Encourage children to make eye contact, smile, and introduce themselves when they meet new people. Please encourage them to approach other children in play areas and parks to help them make friends and practice social interactions.

Build their confidence and self-awareness

Encourage your youngster to talk about and share their worries. Let them know they may come to their teacher with any issues they have and that they can always come home and talk to you about them.

Be social yourself

Set a good example for your children; they will emulate your behavior if you are someone they look up to. When your children witness you interacting with others, they are more likely to do the same. Attend school functions, make friends with other mothers, set up playdates, and have fun with them. You can also join the school’s parent committee or volunteer at the school.

Put your own expectations aside

Your child may be apprehensive about attending primary school for the first time, but it is critical that you do not transmit that fear to them. Keep in mind that your child is highly perceptive and can easily pick up on your moods. Positive reinforcement and passion while talking about school will make them look forward to it. Use positive encouragement when talking about school.

Hopefully, following all of these procedures will make the adjustment easier for your youngster. Make sure you don’t talk about school a lot with your child because that could make them even more worried. Avoid being serious and force your child to talk about it. Keep your enthusiasm in check because their first day may disappoint them. Making their Nursery in Jumeirah experience positive can be as simple as showing them support, love, and encouragement.