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Preventative Maintenance Tips For TIG Welders

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Regular upkeep and maintenance of TIG welding equipment can help protect the TIG welder investment and operator safety as well. As most TIG welding equipment finds its use in several industries, for instance, construction, fabrication, automotive, etc.

the important aspects of routine preventative maintenance of the equipment are often overlooked. Like any equipment, TIG Welders requires to follow rigorous preventative maintenance routines before and after welding to maintain the optimal performance of the equipment.

In this post, we have highlighted some welding experts’ recommended preventative maintenance tips that will help in keeping your TIG welding equipment in the best state.

  • Keep the equipment covered when not in use- Using a quality cover is one of the best steps that a welder can do to maintain the longevity and performance of the equipment. In most of the working sites, dust, grime, and metallic particles are everywhere. Just as these contaminants can make one sick, similarly they can impair the working performance of welding equipment if stay exposed due to a dirty environment or surface. Make sure that the TIG welder properly covered the equipment when it is not in use to avoid the direct contact of your equipment with harmful contaminants
    Tig welders
  • Keep a check on TIG Welding hardware- The next on the routine maintenance list is checking the hardware and related components of TIG equipment. It is essential to do so to keep a check on the signs of either loose or missing bolts to prevent accidents in the TIG welders’ absence. Thus, you need to ensure that safety covers are in place to prevent unfortunate events on the job site.

  • Hear the noise of air leak or grinding- Grinding noises or any unusual vibration coming from the welding equipment indicates a technical error that requires immediate assistance of the welding repairing expert. Before the error turns into a major problem and burns your pocket, do keep a check on the noise of TIG welding equipment while running production.

  • Make the cleaning of welding equipment your regular job- Despite covering the machine & equipment when not in use, still you can find a layer of debris on its surface. However, still it is important to keep your equipment properly covered and clean it regularly. Keep in mind that clean equipment will generate better performance.

  • Adhere to TIG welding equipment specification- One of the most common ways to maintain the TIG welders equipment is to operate it within its clearly-defined specifications. Following the prescribed specifications of the equipment keep the working capability of the equipment to its normal level and do not exert extra pressure on it.

  • Establish a routine preventative maintenance schedule- One of the best ways to ensure the long performance of your welding equipment is by establishing a routine maintenance schedule. You can do it weekly, monthly, or quarterly, important is to conduct a thorough routine maintenance program.

Performing or keeping a check on preventative maintenance of TIG welding equipment can be a daunting task. To overcome the complications, drafting a welding equipment preventative maintenance checklist is the best practice to follow a standard routine without overlooking any crucial maintenance step.