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Prime Reasons To Have A Registered Trademark


Trademark is a slogan, logo, tagline or name, which is used to represent a business.For example, when you see a logo which is designed as a ‘bittenapple’, your mind will hurriedly click that it is the Apple Company’s logo. Same is when you hear the name of ‘Colgate’ you will easily tell without even thinking that it’s toothpaste.

Branding of name, slogan, logo or tagline plays a vital role in creating an impression in people’s mind about your business, which eventually increases the ales. It is highly significant to register your businesses’ trademark. Registering a trademark helps in securing your business. For instance, you have created a brand name with endeavours and another business tried to copy it without your consent.

Your brand value will get disturbed if there would be another business of the same name as yours.The registration will help in protecting your brand name by not allowing anybody else to use it.However, to see the reasons for getting a trademark more transparently and how to get it registered is going to be registered below.

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How to Register a trademark

Trademark registration can be done legally by going to theGovernment’strademark registration office. In today’s world of technology, what things cannot be done online? You can get your trademark registered online as well.It would be a great idea to ask a lawyer to help you out in the trademark registration process. In such matters often small things create deterrence.

Before creating a trademark, you have to pick up in which class you want your trademark to be. You have to register your trademark in that particular class. There are several categories in every class, from which you have to select in which category your business will falls. For example, you are starting a stationery business, and it falls in class 30, then you have to register your trademark in class 30.

If you want to register your business trademark online then you can go to the government trademark registration website, where you can get an application for it. There you can file an online application for a trademark by telling the government trademark registration about the type of business you want to start.

Reasons for having a Trademark Registered

1.      Helps in Securing your Brand Name

There are numerous reasons for registering a trademark from which security of your brand name is the most vital reason amongst all. A trademark registration gives you the right to save your business name from being copied. You can file a case over that particular business that tries to steal your brand name. Due to this, the stealer may have to pay a big amount as a penalty and have to bearthe punishment.

2.      Expand your business legally

Protecting your business by registering it will give you legal rights to expand it. However, an unregistered trademark resists expanding your business in several ways. For example, another business copies your brand name to demolish your business brand reputation. However, they will not be capable of doing too much loss to your business brand as they would not be registered and will be presented at several places by taking massive steps. By registering a trademark, you could have the rights to take any step of your business which will help you preventing resistance in the way of your business expanding.

3.      People will trust you

By registering your trademark, people will trust your products and services. Because people will understand that you are working legally due to which the government has registered your business. They will have the awareness that your registration will get cancelled if you try to do anything unauthorised. They will trust you about the services and products you will provide would be of quality.

But that apparent trust would be till the first product or service they will purchase from you. After that, they will judge you over the quality you provide. If you serve good quality products and services, they will remember your business in good words. After seeing your logo and telling other peoples about their experience with your product and services, which will help you gainmore customers.