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Programs and Features of McAfee Uninstall/Remove


This article will show you how to delete McAfee Site Advisor. These methods have been proven reliable and are correct to date. To avoid problems, we recommend you follow the instructions and apply them.

McAfee Site Advisor can be used to alert you when a website is unsafe to browse. It adds colored ratings for each website to help you find it in the search results. McAfee Site Advisor (TM) is a great tool. However, there are several reasons why you might want to remove it from your computer.


Stop any program currently running on the computer. Windows 7 or Vista users should click the Start menu and then browse to Control Panel. Click on Uninstall a Program link under Programmes. If you don’t see the Uninstall a program option, but instead see a group of programs (check the left side pane). Double click on the icon for Programs & Features. You will see all the programs that are listed there when the window opens. You will see McAfee Site Advisor among the programs listed. Click on it to open the Uninstall window. You may see the Uninstall/Remove option, click on it to proceed.

When prompted, click Yes/Continue (or any other option) to continue. Windows XP users will need to click the Start button. To navigate to Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs, click on the menu. Wait for the window’s contents to fill up with programs. After the window has filled with programs, locate McAfee Site Advisor. Select it and click on the Remove button. If you see the button to Change/Remove, click it. Confirm the removal when prompted. Let McAfeeSite Advisor be removed by the wizard. After being prompted, restart the computer.

This method only works if McAfee Site Advisor has been installed as an independent program. You will not see it under Add or Remove Programs in Windows XP or Programs (or Programs & Features in Windows 7/Vista) if it is installed as a part of McAfee Antivirus. Instead, you’ll find McAfee Security Suite and Antivirus in the programs. Click on it to open the McAfee Antivirus or Security Suite in Windows 7/Vista. Or click the Uninstall Button in Windows XP. The McAfee security software will be opened. Click on the box beside Site Advisor to open the McAfee security program. Hit the Uninstall or Remove button. Once you confirm the removal, the wizard will handle the rest. After the wizard prompts you to restart your computer, You can also choose and delete other components, such as McAfee’s virus scan.

Registry Editor still contains registry entries from the program, even though it has been deleted. McAfee site advisor must be found and deleted. This can be done either manually or by using a registry cleaner. You need to be familiar with Registry Editor before you can perform manual modifications. mcafee cancel subscription You could cause your system to crash or create other problems if you don’t have a good understanding of Registry Editor. The manual method is not recommended. Instead, connect to the Internet and download a registry cleaner program from a trusted website. Save the file after being prompted.

Navigate to the Downloads folder. Look for the file and then open it to start the setup wizard. Follow the prompts on the screen to finish installing the registry cleaner. When prompted, restart the computer. Once you are done, launch the tool and scan the registry for damaged or empty keys. Once the scan is complete, you can prompt it to clean any or all registry keys. The tool can be prompted to create a backup point before performing the clean-up. After the cleanup is completed, close all open windows.

Additional Tips

Instead of removing McAfee Site Advisor, you can disable it. Other than that, McAfee Consumer Products Removal (MCPR.exe) can be used to install or remove the McAfee support tool.