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Promote the global plastic ban cause, molded fiber (pulp) product is the ideal alternative


1. pulp molding overview

Pulp molding is additionally referred to as (plant) fiber molding, which is the technique of making the fiber in the pulp into a moist blank, and then drying and solidifing the moist blank. Plant fiber in the suck-filter forming molds first via suck-filter forming, made into wet blank, The moist clean is despatched into the heating molds heated to a sure temperature, clamp the warm strain mould and dry the moist blank, to make the Molded pulp manufacturers fiber (pulp) merchandise of a range of shapes.

Molded fiber meals packaging normally encompass pulp molded tableware, molded fiber plates and bowls,molded fiber meal boxes, molded fiber immediate noodle bowls, molded pulp dishes, molded fiber cups, molded fiber smooth dishes, etc.; Molded pulp industrial applications merchandise by and large encompass the shock-proof inside packaging of digital products, scientific instruments, items and different industrial products. In latest years, these molded pulp industrial programs merchandise have turn out to be greater state-of-the-art and delicate.

The degradable molded fiber merchandise are made of annual herb fiber pulp (bagasse, reed, wheat straw, bamboo, etc.) as uncooked materials, including additives, after exclusive treatment, heating and urgent the pulp on the mold.

2. Advantages of Molded pulp manufacturers fiber merchandise over degradable plastic products:

(1) Degradable plastics want to be recycled and compost to be absolutely degraded; molded fiber products are buried in the soil for three months barring centralized compost.

(2) The degradable plastic will age and brittle after 6 months; pulp molding can be positioned for a lengthy time (usually 10 years) will now not growing old and brittle or deterioration.

(3) Aging and brittle biodegradable plastic lose reuse value, there is no recycling value; molded pulp merchandise are effortless to get better with low price and repeated use.

(4) It is hard to visually distinguish which of the waste plastics are biodegradable plastics and which are everyday plastics. If everyday plastic is combined with biodegradable plastic, then regular recycled plastic can no longer be reused, so degradable plastic no longer solely does no longer have its very own recycling value, however additionally reason the recycling of normal plastic is very difficult.

Molded pulp manufacturers merchandise are sincerely biodegradable and environmentally friendly merchandise and a extra possible choice to some plastic products.