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Promote Your Content with Smart On-page SEO Tricks

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SEO is a common term in today’s time where every online business seeks the best SEO agency in India and in other countries too. SEO is short for search engine optimization that further divides into two parts – On-page and Off-page SEO.

This article is all about On-page SEO and how it helps you polish the content for the maximum return value.

Combining creative content ideas with mindful SEO strategies is termed On-page SEO. It includes everything from Meta tags, keyword optimization, and content format to get your content visible and convert your audience to become potential customers.

On-page SEO guides your content to match with the user’s interest, engagement, and increase the conversion rate.

Writing content for the web is not as easy as people think. Anyone can write random blogs, but writing for promotion or advertisement is a huge responsibility.

Here are a few On-page SEO optimization tricks to help you promote your content among the audiences.

  Balance the content for readers and robots

While writing the content, you need to consider the target audience. Not only that, it is even necessary to prepare content that is worthy for indexing and ranking on SERP. Never overdo any of these things. Many write content for readers only, without optimizing SEO tricks, which could result in a waste of effort. On the other hand, many prepare content to manipulate search engine spiders that scan the article to determine whether it matches up with the asked query or not.

In both of these cases, you may lose the game. Hence, a good trick to maintain everything is to balance the content strategy.

Best SEO Company in India

You can do this by breaking paragraphs short, giving clear H1 and H2 tags, interactive titles, bullet points, and concrete information.

Prepare H2 tags in the content and place keywords for better SEO. Try to add H2 subheadings every 300 words. Try to use target keywords in subheadings whenever it is possible. Insert H3 headers with 50 words’ section whenever you can.

  Featured snippet optimization

Google frequently updates its algorithm to improve the search experience of users. It improves the mechanism to recognize what exactly searchers are looking for and bring out the exact result. Earlier, Google traces keywords and extracts websites with the same keywords that match with the query. Now, it has become advanced and relies not only upon keywords but ensures the topic of the article before indexing.

A featured snippet is nothing but a small-sized snippet of information that Google places above organic search result listing based on search queries.

Powerful featured snippets can help your business grow through organic traffic to your site.

It drives more traffic to your site, builds more backlinks, brand authority, brand awareness, organic search results, and beats the competitors. There are many other types of featured snippets such as search history, search query, and search intent.

  Paragraph featured snippet

It shows 40 to 50 words’ explanations based on the search query with a source content link. It has been considered as a secure link to go through in terms of content quality and on-page SEO. There are various forms of featured snippets such as lists, paragraphs, and bullet points to highlight the utmost information about the asked queries.

Integrate the above tricks with the help of the best seo agency in India to promote your business.

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