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Pros and Cons of a Penthouse Apartment in Lafayette LA


Apartment hunting is a fun-filled activity that rewards you with a place you would be calling your home. Most people who move out of their parents’ home often dream of living in a grand penthouse apartment but more often than not they do not have an exact idea of what a penthouse apartment is and should they really go for one or not. Well, it all depends upon your budget. If you do not have budget constraints and it allows you to go for an upscale apartment, then start looking for a penthouse apartment. Apart from the budget, there is one more factor to consider while looking for a penthouse apartment. 

The idea of living in a luxurious penthouse might seem exciting to you at first but is there really a need for you to move into a large apartment? If you are a single renter then a penthouse apartment might not be a good choice for you. As you would be spending most of your time at the office or outdoors renting a penthouse apartment in Lafayette, LA would simply add up to your expenses. 

Still, confused regarding a penthouse? Here is a complete rundown on the pros and cons of a penthouse. This will help you decide if you want to rent a penthouse apartment in Lafayette, LA or not?

What is a penthouse apartment?

Penthouse apartments is a luxurious apartment in lafayette la that is on the topmost floor of the building. Along with breathtaking views, these apartments also offer a host of amenities and perks. Here are the pros of living in a penthouse apartment:

The spectacular views

Penthouse apartment in Lafayette LA offers spectacular views at both dusk and dawn. During dusk, the whole town is painted orange and you get to witness the version of LA painted by Van Gogh; And in the nighttime, the sparkling lights of the city imitate the night sky above. The views from a penthouse apartment in Lafayette, LA seem to have taken straight from a movie. 

Spacious layouts

Penthouse apartments are generally spacious than the normal apartments of a building. You will get extra space even when compared to a townhouse. The standout features of a penthouse apartment in Lafayette, LA are fireplaces, grand balconies, and walk-in closets. 

Extra privacy

You enjoy privacy and exclusivity with a penthouse apartment. With the apartment situated at the topmost floor, you have exclusive elevator access and you may also ask for a special key or code to access your apartment.

Along with all these pros, penthouse apartments in Lafayette, LA also have the following drawbacks:


Luxury comes at a cost and a penthouse apartment in Lafayette LA is surely very expensive. Also,as they are situated at the heart of the most happening city in the world they can cost you around 20-25% extra than their cost in any other city. This stretches your budget.

Harsh weather

The views from a penthouse apartment may be nice but the higher you go the harsher weather you will have to face. You will experience hotter summers and colder winters. To balance out these extreme weather conditions you will have to rely on either heaters or air conditioners. This will again increase the cost of your living. 

Penthouses are hard to find

There are limited options for penthouse apartments in Lafayette, LA. This is because there are only one or two penthouse units in every building. You will have to push harder while hunting a penthouse apartment in Lafayette, LA.

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