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Pros and Cons of Indian education system

Pros and Cons of Indian education system

India has always been famous for gaining education since the Vedic period. The way that education had taken place was very different from the current system. The way it was done during the Vedic period was anyone who wished to study went to the Guru’s house and requested to be taught, if he/she was accepted by the Guru then they stayed at their house and helped in all the activities. The guru teaches the student everything from Sanskrit to mathematics to Metaphysics. This strengthened the tie between the Guru and the student. The way this teaching session came to an end was of the student felt he had learned everything or the Guru felt that he had taught everything he could. Most the learning was through life situations and nature unlike the current system of education.

The features of the modern education system in India are as follows: 

  1. Strict actions against people who force any child to do some other job excluding from being educated until the age of 14.
  2. Mandatory education to children unto the age of fourteen years. Under this all children must be given education in government or private schools.
  3. Only after gaining primary education can a child be given secondary education
  4. Central and state boards are a part of this kind of education
  5. Private boards are also a thing that conduct high schools or intermediate examinations.

After understand the basics of education during the Vedic times and after looking through the basic features of the current education system, let’s not focus on the pros and cons of the current education system in India.

Advantages of the Indian education system 

With moving forward India has seen great change in development due to education. India has reduced unemployment rate, reduction in child labour. Reservations for socially unprivileged people. The two main boards that work in the current education system are CBSE and ICSE. Sri Prakash Synergy School is one of the best CBSE school in Andhra Pradesh. But apart from these there are many open universities that provide at home education. Some institutions also provide the facility of e-tutorial.

Disadvantages of the current Indian education system

One of the biggest disadvantage of this is that it is not easily affordable. With the current state of the economy almost 37% are under the poverty line and therefore can’t even afford primary education in schools. The poor can hardly manage to go to government schools but the quality of teachers in these government schools is very poor. The quality of education in government schools isn’t even at par.

The worst part of it is the political play. They form a huge gap between the Indian government and the common people. The money that is assigned for the government schools isn’t really used for the betterment of children studying in those schools. The main issue lies in the percentage of the illiteracy rate in the country.

After discussing about the pros and cons of the current education system, let’s look at how these can be improved and what steps need to be taken. These steps will surely help to enhance and boost the current situation of the Indian education system.

  1. The government should take steps to increase the number of primary schools in the country so that the people of each village can have easy access to education.
  2. Due to lack of education in parents, it is important that adult education becomes vital so that the parents or guardians become keen towards their child’s education. Just choosing a best residential/boarding school in Andhra Pradesh isn’t enough. Schools expect the parents to participate in the childs’ development.
  3. The role of private institutions should be reduced or restricted. This will not allow them to charge any amount of fee that they wish to. The dependency of people on these institutions will also decrease which will lead to low demand for such institutions.
  4. The physical condition of government schools and colleges should be decent and raised to a reasonable level.
  5. Changing of the syllabus so that students get to study the current syllabus and gain latest knowledge.
  6. Giving equal opportunity to everyone without being bias to the rich or poor.
  7. Giving girl child education should be the top most priority of all schools be it government or private.
  8. The most important is that the education system should be free of corruption.

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