CPQ software for manufacturing

The foremost aim of the price optimization software is to search and determine the best pricing strategy for the products. It helps businesses to maximize revenue growth and profit margins. If businesses want to skyrocket their profits, they have to reach a milestone in the implementation process.  

After successful completion of the processes, businesses have to develop a strong and reliable strategy that could reflect customers’ opinions accurately. It is essential to set up specific goals as the whole team will work towards it. In the manufacturing industry, businesses have more complexities in automating the pricing process. CPQ software for manufacturing is a savior that aligns the pricing strategy for the businesses reducing the hassles for the sales reps. 

Challenges of Using Price Optimization Tool

Since the businesses are increasing its credibility through the online establishment of the brand. They face technical challenges to master the integration of business with price optimization software. The most basic problem arises on acquisition and integration of data that can accomplish the complexities and security demands. 


To blend in with the market competition, businesses need to get hands-on insights into the data. Acquisition of external data that is relevant for price optimization is done through a crawling procedure. Through crawling procedures, businesses can look for comparable offers through digging on the internet resources. Here begin the problems due to tremendous data volumes and altering the website and URL structures on multiple sites. 


Businesses might sell similar products. If the customers find the same product at a cheaper price from your competing businesses, you will probably face a higher customer churn rate. It is necessary to conduct a reliable comparison of the products with others’ offerings. To ensure that your products do not overlap, corresponding analysis is required, this process is called matching. Matching is an arduous process in which the challenge lies in differing designations for thousands of similar products and identical manufacturers. 


Complexity or intricacy is one of the great challenges that price optimization solutions have to face and overcoming this is even more complex. This issue arises due to enormous data volumes and implementing multiple strategies altogether. With the help of extensive configurable options, this problem can be resolved. Businesses use CPQ software for adapting their own business strategies. It works on individual adjustable and scalable rules to optimize products’ pricing based on certain parameters and retailers’ pricing policies. 


Any software must be user-friendly with simple and clear to apply ability. To undertake simultaneous challenges for different customers creates great challenges for the customers. The discrepancy between complexity requirements and simplicity for the user is a fundamental problem to develop comprehensive software for price optimization. With smart CPQ system implementation, manufacturing price optimization can be done easily. 

Although, businesses face major difficulties to resolve price optimization solutions. Vistaar is a leading SaaS provider with a robust system that adapts to your business environment. Our solution experts read the analytics and provide you the accurate solutions that best fit your pricing strategy.