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Quick Tips to Improve Computer Data Recovery

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Data loss can be a frustrating task for those who have to deal with it. For a business, data loss can disrupt normal operations – damaging reputation and finances. With so much at stake, businesses must be concerned about protecting their data, mitigating data loss, mapping out a data recovery plan, and being prepared for when the inevitable happens.

Here are some tips you can use to be proactive in planning for any data risk and to improve your computer data recovery process as quickly and painlessly as possible when data loss occurs. To help you find the best computer fixers in Vancouver for you, we’ve listed some essential tips in this post.

  1. Prevention

One of the most costly causes of data loss comes from malicious programs. Ransomware and crypto will viruses are known to gradually encrypt all user data and demand payment before releasing the code that unlocks it so that the hijacked data can be recovered. As cybercriminals often target small businesses whose systems are notoriously easy to infiltrate, businesses must do everything in their power to avoid such threats. Waiver of payment terms is an option that can get your data back, but it shouldn’t be your plan. Instead, protect your business from danger by practicing safe online practices, such as avoiding visiting unverified sites and avoiding dangerous downloads to your computer. Also, make sure your system is protected from viruses and malware. To completely ensure the recovery of your computer’s data even in the event of these attacks, you should have a data backup that you can rely on. Even if your data is maliciously encrypted, you can use the backup files to completely restore the data to the way it should be.

  1. Invest in cloud backup

While you may not have control over floods, fires, computer crashes, or other data loss events, you do have control over how you respond to, plan for, and prepare for them. Waiting until data loss occurs is the worst approach you can take. Instead, keep a reliable and easily recoverable copy of all your data, files, folders, and programs by investing in reliable cloud backup software. Cloud backup allows you to access files that have been lost on your computer either due to malicious or accidental reasons. If ransomware infects your computer, simply factory reset your device and restore healthy, intact files from a cloud backup. If your computer becomes irreparably damaged, simply open the backup and upload it to the new device. No matter what happens to your data, it’s always easily recoverable with a reliable cloud backup program. These are the most important steps to take in data loss prevention. Contact us for the best data recovery in Vancouver

  1. Don’t panic

If you notice that you’ve lost some of your data, one of the worst things you can do is panic, which can make the problem worse. The faster and smarter you react to a data loss event, the more likely you are to recover most of your data. This starts with creating a data loss recovery plan. Ask yourself, would you know what to do if your computer crashed, if your system was encrypted, or if you permanently changed or deleted an important file? If you’re not sure of the answer, your data and the health of your business could be at great risk. After mapping out your data loss recovery plan, you’ll have a list of the appropriate steps to take in the event of any data loss so that you can recover from it as quickly and efficiently as possible. When disaster strikes, preparation is key.


Now that you have some tips to improve your data recovery process, you should be able to use them and be proactive in preventing or at least minimizing data loss. TickTockTech provides data recovery services in Vancouver and areas V6A, V5L, V6E, V6H, V6J, and V5T.