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Quick Tips To Resolve Microsoft SQL Server Error 8946

Fix SQL Server Error 8946

In today’s decade, MS SQL Server is the most popularly used database management system. Many small and large organizations use SQL Server to store and managed a huge amount of data. All the data in SQL Server are stored in the form pages and each page is 8KB. And all pages have proper indexes through which data is easily retrieved by the SQL query. Furthermore, each page has its unique page header which contains the important information of the database. If the page header information mismatch with the page information then SQL Server error 8946 occurs.

Many corruption issues in the SQL Server database can troubleshoot by the Database Console Command (DBCC). But there are still some errors like the SQL Server Error 8946 which cannot be resolved by the SQL DBCC command. Therefore, in this technical post, we will discuss a simple step by step guide by which you can resolve Microsoft SQL Server error 8946.

Before going to the solution part to fix this issue first, understand the reason for the occurrence of this error.

Reasons For The SQL Server Error 8946?

They are several reasons behind Microsoft SQL Server Error 8946. Some of the major reasons are discussed below:

  1. Unexpected system shutdown during any SQL transaction.
  2. Malware infection or bug in SQL Server
  3. Sudden Power Failure
  4. Improper functioning of Hardware
  5. Upgrade the SQL Server Version

Due to all these reasons SQL Server Error 8946 occurs, which corrupts the database file and makes the user unable to access the database pages. In the upcoming section, we are going to disclose a simple and most advanced technique by which you can fix the SQL server error 8946 without any trouble. So let’s get started,

Best Solution to Resolve SQL Server Error 8946

You can fix the SQL Server error 8946 by restoring the database from a good backup file. In case, if you do not have a recent backup of your database, then you can use SQL Server Database Recovery Tool. This tool has the potential to recover the damaged or corrupt database files within few simple clicks. With this application, you can easily troubleshoot SQL Server Database errors and other data corruption issues. Also, this tool provides a user-friendly interface that helps inexperienced users to easily resolve this issue.

Beneficial Features of SQL Recovery Tool

  • Support All Database Files: Whether the problem lies in MDF or NDF database file, this software can remove it without any miss.
  • Dual Scanning Mode: Depending on the severity of database corruption, users can choose a scanning mode either Quick and Advanced.
  • Save Scanning Result: The application allows users to save the scanned file. Doing this saves the scanning time for further use.
  • Advanced-Data Type Compatibility: Along with recovering all database components, this software also provides support for advanced data types like ASCII and Unicode XML.

Wrapping Up:

Well, In this blog we have mentioned a simple and effective method to resolve SQL Server error 8946. You can fix this issue by restoring the database from a backup file. If in case you are failed to do so then you can use the professional software. This application is easy to use and efficiently resolve the MS SQL Server error 8946 without compromising data integrity or loss.