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QuickBooks Error 213 [A Brief Troubleshooting Guide]

QuickBooks Error 213
QuickBooks Error 213

QuickBooks Error 213 is a frustrating technical error that can occur when you run QuickBooks Verify Data Utility. This tool is responsible for detecting and resolving data discrepancies in the software. The error can block this tool, and that will leave specific issues or errors unresolved. This blog will cover the essential steps you can take to fix this error confidently. Hence, reading the blog carefully can effectively resolve your error.

Also, connect with the professional team of QuickBooks at 1.800.579.0391 if you need immediate support or assistance.

Reasons For QuickBooks Error Message Code 213

You can have multiple reasons for this error code. What’s essential is you diagnose the reason for your error correctly. The reason for that is you resolve this error quickly as you’ll implement the measures that promptly resolve the cause of your error. Go through the steps given below:

  • Wrong Windows registry.
  • Accidental deletion of records from the registry.
  • Incorrect input from customers.
  • Any malware or virus attack.

This section covers the most fundamental reasons for error 213. The following section covers the solutions you can execute to resolve this error.

Procedures To Fix QuickBooks Error Message 213

With the reasons discussed, you can now implement the measures that are discussed in this section. Make sure to implement that method that aligns or is most likely to resolve the reason for your error. With that out of the way, read the steps discussed below.

Procedure 1: Access QuickBooks Log File

You need to implement specific steps to access the QuickBooks log file. Go through the measures given below:

  • Launch QuickBooks.
  • Open the Product Information Window. You can also press F2 to access this option.
  • Now, press F3 for Tech Help and choose the QBWin.log file from the Open file tab.
  • Otherwise, you can follow the disc path to locate the QBWin.log file.
  • Double-click on the file to open it.

If the error persists, it means it isn’t resolved by now. You can safely begin the following process to fix this error.

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Procedure 2: Find And Rename Double Entries

You can find and rename duplicate entries in the QBWin.log file to effectively resolve this error. Go through the measures discussed below:

  • In the log file, scroll down to the bottom. You can also press Ctrl and END keys simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • Press CTRL and F keys. Enter duplicate in a box that appears.
  • Double-click on the duplicate entry and rename it.
  • Make sure that no duplicate entry is left by running Verify Data Utility.


QuickBooks Error 213 can get fixed with the steps that are mentioned in this blog. Following these steps correctly will resolve your error in no time. Makes sure to exercise the right steps correctly. Also, go through the causes that’ll help you formulate an effective error resolving strategy.
With this in mind, you can effectively resolve your error. Still, if you face any problems, it’s best to reach out to the professional team of QuickBooks at 1.800.579.0391.