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QuickBooks Error 6069: Troubleshooting Steps To Take


QuickBooks Error 6069 is an error that occurs if the Windows configuration isn’t proper. The settings of the system should work in favor of the application. Not doing so can trigger error 6069 and many other errors similar to this one. Failure or damage to any Windows component can lead to a chain of errors. This blog will explain the reasons why this error appears on your screen. Also, what can be done if the error isn’t get resolved. Follow the simple steps given in this blog.

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To learn more regarding this error and QuickBooks, get in touch with the QuickBooks Professional Team at (844)-888-4666.

Reasons For Error 6069 In QuickBooks

There are a host of reasons responsible for this error. Now to resolve all errors, you must first understand the cause. Since the causes are multiple, please pay careful attention to them. Given below are some of the reasons for this error:

  1. Wrong configuration of antivirus.
  2. Bad sectors in hard drive.
  3. Incomplete installation of QuickBooks and outdated QuickBooks app can trigger errors similar to this and this one, as well.

Now that you are sound of the reasons, it’s best you look at some of the methods discussed below.

Troubleshooting Methods For QuickBooks Desktop Error 6069

Since the reasons for this error are multiple, you should pay careful attention to what method you are applying. Hence, it’s advised that you first diagnose the cause of your error and then look for some solution from down below:

Method 1: Set QuickBooks As Trusted Program In AVG

It’s essential to set QuickBooks as a trusted program by your antivirus. Not doing so can lead to unnecessary blocking of the application. Follow the measures given below:

  1. Open AVG antivirus dashboard.
  2. Click on the computer icon in the application panel and then choose settings.
  3. In the Exceptions sections, click on Add Exceptions.
  4. Click on File from the Exception drop-down list.
  5. Tap on the Browse button and find the QuickBooks program file in the QuickBooks installation folder.
  6. Click on OK twice and then click on Yes to save the settings.

Suppose this method isn’t for you; you can always try the following method discussed below.

Method 2: Check The Extension Of QuickBooks Company File

It’s crucial to know the extensions of the company file as that could trigger an error. Follow the steps discussed below:

  1. Open the File Manager in Windows. Move to the QuickBooks installation directory.
  2. Locate the company file folder.
  3. Verify that the company file has a .qbw extension.
  4. Right-click on the file and rename it if the file has a different attachment.
  5. Replace the current extension with .qbw and save the file name.
  6. Open QuickBooks company file one more time.


This blog uncovers the causes and solutions related to QuickBooks error 6069. You can also attempt to resolve this error by fixing hard drive issues and allowing QuickBooks through the Firewall. Follow all the given methods carefully. To know more about QuickBooks and its errors, you can always contact the QuickBooks Professional Team at (844)-888-4666.