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QuickBooks Error 6129: Symptoms, Causes and Solutions


QuickBooks Error 6129 happens when users have a failed database connection and a message will appear saying “QuickBooks error 6129: Your QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close”. The following error occurs due to a damaged network file file which becomes unreadable suddenly. So we can say that the main cause of the error 6129 is a damaged file in QuickBooks application. To take all the benefits, you need to remove the following bug timely. In this blog, you will read all the important facts, causes and solutions of QuickBooks Error 6129.

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Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 6129

  1. Slow Internet connection
  2. An error will arise on the screen
  3. The mouse and the keyboard, both stop to respond properly

Causes of QuickBooks Error 6129

  1. Due to a Server down
  2. Damaged network file
  3. A malware or virus stops the connection
  4. Because of a damaged file in QuickBooks software
  5. Third gathering security programming

Resolve QuickBooks Error 6129

Solution 1.

  1. First, go to Task Manager then click on Processes Tab
  2. Highlight all the applications that start with QB, QuickBooks or Intuit
  3. Click on End Process/ End Task and finish the process

Solution 2.

  1. Go to File Menu, select Update QuickBooks
  2. Click on Options, select Mark all button and press Save
  3. Click on Update Now
  4. Select Reset Update then click on Get Updates button
  5. Close the QuickBooks Desktop windows when it is done

Solution 3.

  1. Go to the Run option, Press Ctrl+R
  2. Type MSConfig then Click on OK
  3. Go to General Tab, click on Selective Start-up
  4. Now Load system services & Load start-up items
  5. Click on The Services option
  6. Select on the Hide all Microsoft services option and press Disable
  7. Click on Hide Microsoft Services
  8. Mark the Windows Installer and select the services option
  9. Restart your System
  10. Start a new install when is restarted

Solution 4.

  1. Insert the payroll update CD and click on Updates Window
  2. Click on Employees then select Get QuickBooks Updates
  3. Click on Browse
  4. Select the CD drive
  5. Go to payroll update disk then click on Update.dat & Update3.dat File
  6. Press OK to finish the process

Solution 5.

  1. First of all switch to single-user mode
  2. Click on Switch to Single User option
  3. Choose Backup Company and press Create Local from the QuickBooks Menu
  4. Select Local Backup and click on OK
  5. Check all the options and choose one as you wish
  6. Create a backup Window, then Next
  7. Save your backup now and finish the task

So now in the future whenever, you will see QuickBooks Error 6129, just apply one of these solutions and resolve the issue on your own or go for live QuickBooks support through toll-free number (844)-888-4666 anytime and from anywhere.