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QuickBooks Error PS107 In Payroll: The Measures To Implement

QuickBooks Error PS107
QuickBooks Error PS107

QuickBooks Error PS107 in payroll often displays an error message on the screen reading, “An internal file in QuickBooks has become unreadable[PS107]”. You can see this error when you download and install payroll updates. This error indicates a damaged or corrupt QuickBooks installation file. The corrupt file can become unreadable and inoperable to the system. You can repair this damaged file by running the QuickBooks File Doctor. However, to resolve this error, you need additional steps than just running QuickBooks File Doctor. This blog will cover the essential steps you require to fix this error efficiently.

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Causes of QuickBooks PS107 Error

A minor bug or defect in the application can cause file corruption. A lot of the time, these errors disappear automatically when you restart the application. However, the complete list of reasons for this error are discussed below:

  1. An outdated QuickBooks application. This can get worse when the automatic download of the updates is not functioning.
  2. Payroll updates may not work if the payroll tax table is outdated.
  3. Incomplete or partial installation of the application.
  4. Inactive QuickBooks subscription.

Now that you understand the reasons for the error, you can move to the following section that’ll cover the solutions to this error.

Procedures That Can Resolve QuickBooks PS107

Before you start any of the processes, close QuickBooks windows and end all QuickBooks processes from the taskbar. Sometimes, simply restarting the application can also fix this error, especially if the error has occurred because of interruptions. Now, go through the steps explained below.

Procedure 1: Install Newest Payroll Updates

To install the newest payroll updates, you must first download them. After downloading, you can start with the installation process. To execute both, implement the measures stated below:

  1. Before you start with the actual process, make sure that you have an active payroll subscription. With this in mind, you can follow the next steps.
  2. Download the latest or most updated version of your QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. You can go to the downloads on your system and double-click on the downloaded update file.
  4. You can follow the instructions displayed on your screen to install the updates.
  5. Run the payroll updates one more time.

If the error still troubles you, you can try the following solution stated below.

Procedure 2: Reinstall QuickBooks

You can reinstall QuickBooks in safe mode to eradicate this error. Perform the measures stated below:

  1. Switch the Windows to safe mode.
  2. Move to the QuickBooks Product Download page. Choose the correct year and the version of your QuickBooks application.
  3. You can click on Search And Download.
  4. Now, run the downloaded setup file from the downloads on your system.
  5. You can complete this registration process. After this, try to run the payroll updates one more time. With this, your steps to reinstall QuickBooks are finished.


QuickBooks Error PS107 in payroll can get fixed with the measures that are stated in this blog. You can quickly resolve this error if you implement or execute the steps with perfection. Also, make sure to understand the causes well. Not doing so can result in an ineffective error resolving strategy that can result in errors or issues down the line. With these things in mind, you can fix this error in no time.

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