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QuickBooks Export to Excel Not Working [A Brief Guide]

QuickBooks export to excel not working
QuickBooks export to excel not working

QuickBooks export to excel not working is quite a repetitive error. Even though it’s not common to get errors while exporting QuickBooks to Excel but this error, among a few technical glitches, can take place. This error can either be QuickBooks crashes when exporting to Excel or QuickBooks freezes when exporting to Excel. The error is most noticeable when you upgrade QuickBooks, and the export to Excel option is either greyed out or not clickable. This blog will cover the causes and solutions for the error.

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Causes Of Export Option For Excel Is Grayed Out

Multiple factors can be behind this error. It’s important to note the causes before you see the solutions. Not knowing the reasons can get you in more trouble. Hence, it’s obvious to recognize the root of a problem before you head to the solutions. Go through the causes numbered:

  • No new software updates have been made from your end.
  • MS Excel software is corrupt.
  • Partial or incomplete updates can also cause this error.
  • Your system does not have the appropriate requirements to run or handle QuickBooks.

Now that you understand the causes, it’s practically easy for you to think of a solution. Methods aim to fix the causes.

Methods To Fix QuickBooks Export To Excel Failure

There are multiple solutions that you may attempt in order to resolve this error. Since the causes are multiple, there are a host of solutions that you may try. Given below are some of the methods:

Method 1: Update QuickBooks Software

Updating QuickBooks allows the software to work at its prime. To update the software only minimizes the risk of an error. Follow the steps stated below:

  • Launch QuickBooks.
  • Move to the Main menu and click on Update.
  • Complete the update process and check if the error still persists.
  • Make sure the internet is stable.

If these steps don’t help you, try the next troubleshooting method given below.

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Method 2: Disable Windows User Account Control Settings(Temporarily)

A lot of the time, Windows User Account Control Settings can hinder many crucial QuickBooks processes and can block them. It does so because it thinks of them as a threat. However, those files are crucial. Hence to disable the control settings follow the steps given below:

  • Click on Windows Start Button and search UAC.
  • Click on Change User Account Control Settings and modify the settings to Never Notify.
  • Hit on the OK button and restart your Windows.
  • Export a form or a report from QuickBooks in excel format to check if the error is resolved.


This blog covers the causes and symptoms for QuickBooks export to excel not working. Follow all the measures given carefully. You can also try repairing Microsoft Excel on your system if that’s the cause.
To learn more about QuickBooks, contact the QuickBooks Professional Team at 1.800.579.0391.