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Quickest Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 6073

QuickBooks error 6073
QuickBooks desktop error 6073

QuickBooks is a robust application that caters to the need of small businesses. However, it also has a fair share of technical glitches. The QuickBooks Error 6073 is one such fault in the program that arises when the user attempts to access the company file in the Multi-user mode. As a result, the system starts lagging and could even result in irregular shut down of the screen. Follow our blog below to know more about the factors provoking and the ways to eliminate the same.

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Possible Triggers to QuickBooks Error 6073

  1. The file is saved in a Read-Only folder.
  2. A remote software is accessing the file.
  3. Multiple users have logged in the shared network.
  4. Another workstation is accessing the file in the single-user mode.

Troubleshooting Techniques for QuickBooks Error 6073

The QuickBooks Error 6073 can occur in several situations, which is why there are different solutions based on the cause of the error. Follow the below steps carefully-

Situation 1- If the file is being accessed in the single-user mode on another workstation

  1. Terminate QuickBooks files and folders on all the systems.
  2. Move to the Host computer.
  3. Access the company file.
  4. Tap on the File tab.
  5. Click on Switch to Multi-user mode to check if the error has been resolved.
  6. If the error persists, you must restart all connected devices.

Situation 2- If the file is being accessed in the single-user mode on the Host computer

  1. Open QuickBooks on the Host device.
  2. Click on the File button.
  3. Choose the Close Company option.
  4. Now you must open the company file again.
  5. Next, click on File again.
  6. Select the Open or Restore Company option.
  7. Tap on Open a Company File.
  8. Hit the Next button.
  9. Select your file from the list.
  10. Access the file in the Multi-user mode.
  11. Press Open.

Situation 3- If the file is stored on a Read-Only folder

  1. Move to the computer that is hosting the file.
  2. Navigate to the folder where the company file is saved.
  3. Now click right on the folder.
  4. Choose the Properties option.
  5. Press the Security button.
  6. You must select the User that is facing the Quickbooks Error 6073.
  7. Tap on the Edit button.
  8. Click on Allow.
  9. Select the Apply option.
  10. Finally, hit OK.

Situation 4- If a Remote Software is accessing the company file

  1. Click right on the Taskbar.
  2. Choose the Task Manager option from the list.
  3. Tap on the Processes option.
  4. You must ensure that there are no processes running under the name of the user facing these issues.
  5. If you notice any processes, reboot your device.

With this blog, we know the common factors influencing the QuickBooks Error 6073 and the preventive measures for the same. If you require any further assistance, get in touch with our on-call support team at 855-856-0042.