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7 Ways to Learn the Quran Online Quickly

Quran Lessons Online

If you’re reading this, you’re either already Quran Lessons Online or looking to enroll yourself or your child in an online Quran learning program me. In any case, your goal is to learn how to learn Quran online quickly and effectively. This is what we attempted to do. As a Hafiz and online Quran tutor for over 5 years, I know exactly what it takes to make your Quran Lessons Online enjoyable and effective.

Conduct thorough research

Do not begin learning Quran in uk¬†without first conducting research on the tutor or the institute. Learning the Quran is an important and sensitive task that requires someone who understands its significance and sensitivities in addition to having a firm grasp on it. Find out about the tutor’s qualification, experience, exposure, language skills, and cost before hiring a private Quran Lessons Online or enrolling in an academy. This is the most important factor that will influence all of your future learning. If your tutor is competent, patient, consistent, punctual, and cooperative, as well as having good communication skills, it will make learning the Quran a pleasurable experience.

Study in an environment free of distractions

Distractions are a major issue in online learning. When taking online Quran classes, make sure you sit in a secluded corner where no one or nothing can distract you. Make a space for yourself where no one should be allowed to enter during your Quran classes. It is more about quiet, distraction-free classes than interactive classes. It’s also a good idea to turn off your phone and close any social media websites before beginning a class. Make every effort to ensure that your sole focus is on Quran learning and nothing else.

Apply what you’ve learned

Everything, including online Quran learning, is perfected through practise. This cannot be overstated. Aside from improving your Quran recitation, practise will greatly accelerate your Quran learning process. Don’t think you don’t need to practise because you’ve already learned your lesson in class. Do practise, even if it is only for a few minutes and even if you are familiar with your lesson. It’s also critical that you practise your lesson on the same day, or at the very least before your next Quran class.

Maintain consistency

Consistency is the one thing that will help you learn Quran online at any time. If you are consistent and consistent in your efforts to learn the Quran online, Allah will assist you sooner or later. Don’t miss classes under any circumstances, and don’t give up no matter how difficult it is. Allah will assist you in your endeavours if you have the determination and consistency to learn the Quran.

Pose inquiries

An inquisitive mind picks up information quickly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if something is unclear to you. Participate actively in class and ask your tutor clarifying questions, especially if you are learning Tajweed rules. Correcting Tajweed and feeling at ease with it are required for flawless and fluent Quran recitation.

Learn the Quran with pure intentions

Learning the Holy Quran is a high-rewarding deed in and of itself. Allah abundantly rewards those who strive to learn the Quran in this world and the world to come. It is critical that you learn Quran for a greater purpose. Your goal should not be to limit it to yourself, but to spread it and enlighten others as well. According to the Prophet:

It will motivate you to learn the Quran quickly so that you can spread it to others and earn Allah’s rewards.

Find yourself a companion

Finally, it’s best if you can learn and practise with a friend or family member. Learning accelerates when it is shared. You can benefit from each other’s mistakes and complement each other’s strengths. Having a buddy is especially important if you are in an online Hifz programme because it requires a lot of practise. One person can recite the Quran to the other and ask him or her to correct any errors. Learning and practising the Quran together will make it much easier and more enjoyable.


Learning the Quran is a sacred task. It provides innumerable benefits to students. It’s critical that you go into this journey fully prepared, and that once you’re there, you know how to finish it successfully in a short amount of time and with minimal effort. Insha’Allah, your online Quran learning efforts will be fruitful with Allah’s help, determination, and the seven tips listed above.

Make a Dua for yourself, your children, and your family.