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Rapid Kill Pheromones – Do They Work?



If you have a pest problem at home or even office then now is the time to think about using a professional pest control service. In many cases you can just do it yourself, but let’s face it some of us are just not that good at this, not without a few mistakes along the way. There are many pests out there such as ants, cockroaches, termites and even the occasional rodent so getting rid of one could be quite a challenge. So, what are some of the best ways of eliminating these pests? Get to the root of the problem and find out!

For your quick kill of pest using a rapid kill Pheromone product will get the job done in no time. From those little fleas to the largest rats & all of the roaches, borer and cockroaches in between…quick kill Pheromones will get the job done! These pheromones are concentrated forms of scented oils which react chemically with the body to cause a reaction that makes the other pests unconscious and unable to termite treatment at home.

These really are excellent for getting rid of even the smallest of pests but remember they cannot harm you or anything else (that is a myth). So make sure you are not allergic to them. It is also recommended that you keep the pheromone product on you at all times so if for some reason you cannot use it within 24 hours, then you will still have it. I have found that placing them under my pillow and spraying them lightly before going to bed also keeps me free from unwanted pests. Don’t forget they are not toxic and will not cause any harm to humans or anything else!

One of the most beneficial things about these products is that there is no smell. Some people are sensitive to strong smells and using them can upset their routine so this is one of the reasons that I prefer to use them for my quick kill needs. The ingredients used to create the product are natural and are made up of soy extracts and essential oils. I would recommend trying a few out before you buy as you may find they are more popular with other pest control companies, but they can be just as effective if not more so.

If you have an area that you want to be free of insects then this could be the solution you have been looking for. My family has used these for years and we have never had a problem with these pests. We can go camping without worrying if our food will have the odd rodent or cockroach hiding somewhere in it. This is mainly due to our usage of the product.

They are easy to apply, you just put it on like any perfume and then you apply it to your clothes and the areas you want to get rid of pests. You can also do this in more sensitive areas such as the face and arms, which are often overlooked by humans. It can even be used on yourself because they smell really nice and it will take a couple of hours for it to take effect. It’s not even messy, it can be applied in the bath or shower and you won’t even know it’s there.

You can get some mixed results with these because some people react badly to them and some don’t. There are mixed results with the amount of success you get, it all depends on the person who is using it. I have used them on my wife and in her clothes, she got some great results but I didn’t, this was because I was out enjoying myself and she wasn’t bothered at all. When you use it though you will always know where it is because when you spray it on you will get a scent of it.

You can find them at most drug stores and supermarkets but you should check out the internet too. This is because you can get the best deals on them. Sometimes they even offer free samples so if you haven’t bought anything off the counter yet then you may want to try out the samples first. The only downside that I can think of is that it doesn’t last very long and you have to apply it a lot of times before it will work. Other than that though, if you want to get your hands on a good product you shouldn’t worry about it, they do work really well.