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Real Estate Agents: The Connection Between The Buyer And Seller

Find A Reliable Real Estate Agent in Torrance California

A real estate agent or broker is a person that represents homeowners and buyers of real properties or real estate. Brokers are mostly independent, while agents work under a legal broker to represent homeowners. to find a reliable estate agent in Torrance, California, homeowners need to rely on past client reviews. Studies show that in 2019, 88 percent of people that needed a house bought it through a real estate agent or broker.

What does a real estate agent do?

Real estate agents are licensed before they begin to work, they can list homes for sale. They help buyers through the process, show homes up for sale to buyers, and take care of the necessary documents for a transaction to occur.

Real estate agents are also responsible for advertising the home for sale. They make use of newspapers, radio stations, television stations and take professional pictures to post on social media. Some real estate agents are just buyer’s agents, this implies they only help buyers. It reduces the clash of interests because they will not be working on the two sides of the transactions. Homeowners should know that agents don’t walk independently, they mostly work for brokers.

There are different types of real estate and agents and they all have different roles in the market. For example; a fix and flip real estate agent helps a real investor to sell homes in the market. They watch the market trends during the remodeling process to sell a home in good condition.

How a real estate agent helps a homeowner?

There are several areas where a real estate agent helps a homeowner expect, they include:

  1. Locating a lender that can get the buyer preapproved before getting the home.
  2. Getting the required home by the client
  3. Relating with professionals such as home inspectors and title agents
  4. Negotiating an offer on the client’s behalf (the buyer or seller)
  5. Talking to other players during the sale
  6. Help regulate the mortgage price
  7. Giving tips on how to properly price homes as a seller
  8. Marketing the property adequately
  9. Talking to potential buyers to make sure they are qualified.
  10. Inspecting homes and appraisals for sellers

How to find a real estate agent

There are several ways to find a reliable estate agent in Torrance, California. These are some places to look for a real estate agent:

  • Recommendations: most times, someone has used a real estate agent in the past. You can ask them to recommend a real estate agent that can be trusted. The recommendation is majorly used to find a fix and flip real estate agent.
  • Look online: it is easy to search for real estate agents now, because of the internet.
  • Consider current listing: search for a current listing, before contacting an agent.
  • Attend an open house: go to an open house and meet the agent involved. Clients can also meet other real estate agents at the open house
  • Go to the NAR website: the national association of realtors provides a database of agents that are members in a client’s area. Members must meet certain criteria and agree to a code of ethics.

it doesn’t end at finding a real estate agent, you have to meet with them to find out how experienced they are, what they know about the local market, and see if you can work well with them. in most cases, clients must sign an agreement that gives the agent permission to represent you and explains your readiness to work with them. however, not every agent wants an agreement signed, but some do and it must be read thoroughly to avoid mistakes.

When listing a home with a fix and flip real estate agent, clients should sign a listing agreement. Most times, an agreement is always a problem when a home is getting sold.

How real estate agents make their money?

It is imperative to know that an agent does not work independently of brokers. Real estate brokers have been licensed from the state after writing an exam. Brokers can work independently and can hire agents to work for them. the broker receives the commission in every transaction.

Real estate agents are mostly paid when the transaction is done, so if a client is unable to sell or buy a home, the agent does not get paid. Brokers receive the commission from the sale and give the agent an agreed share.


Clients should rely on reviews from past clients to find reliable estate agents in Torrance, California. Real estate agents help to connect the buyer or seller with the market, so they must be trusted before hiring them.