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Reason for Yahoo Mail Crash error – Get The proper solutions


Yahoo Mail provides a reliable service to the users so the users can share their data with ease. But that doesn’t make it a perfect one, the Yahoo mail crash error is reported by many users. The issue in Yahoo mail opening can appear due to various reasons. 


Reasons for getting Yahoo Crash error:

  1. Your internet connection is slow
  2. Browser junk in interrupting the Yahoo connection
  3. You are using an outdated web browser
  4. Add-ons are conflicting with Yahoo
  5. You are entering the wrong credentials


Troubleshooting Yahoo Mail Crash error:

Whenever you get the error while opening the Yahoo mail, you should check all the possible reasons behind the error. Make sure to enter the correct credentials for opening Yahoo mail.


Check the internet connection

When the Yahoo mail app won t open, you must check the internet connection. If your device is connected to the LAN then check the internet speed. For a wireless connection, check whether the access point (router) is working or not. You should keep your PC near to the access point for better speed. Open another tab on the web browser and try to search for anything. If the internet is working smoothly but the Yahoo mail is not opening then seek other solutions.


Clean out the browser junk

Your web browser accumulates lots of information with time like history, cookies, and caches. The user must remove all these files as these files can interrupt other processes. Sometimes hackers steal this information from your device for his benefit. When you get into any error while using the web browser, you should delete all the browser junk. For the Chrome browser, follow the given steps to clean the junk:

  1. Open Chrome browser on your device
  2. Go to the top (right-side) and click on More button
  3. Select More tools 
  4. Click on Clear browsing data
  5. Now choose the time range and click on All time

Select the Cookies and Cache files checkboxes and hit the Clear data button. Now restart the Chrome web browser and log in to Yahoo account. Check whether your Yahoo mail is working or not.


Run a malware scan

A malware infection can also get the user into Yahoo related errors. Malware like spyware and Trojan Horses can interrupt the incoming data packets and start showing the error. Running a full antivirus scan can help the user to fix the Yahoo related error. Go to the Search bar and type Windows Defender. Go to the Defender dashboard and click on the Full Scan option. This security tool will start scanning for the malware on your device. After completing the malware scan, restart your device and open the web browser. Login to your Yahoo mail account and check for the error.


Update your web browser

Your web browser needs to update regularly. When you get the error in running Yahoo mail, you should immediately check for the browser update. You should never use the outdated browser as it may get you into malware infection. For Windows 10, go to the Apps folder and then right-click on your web browser. Click on the Update button and wait until your browser gets fully updated. Now restart your browser and try to open Yahoo mail.


Disable the Firewall

If you are facing an error while opening the Yahoo mail then you should check the firewall. The firewall of your device can also interrupt the data packets. Go to the firewall and disabled it temporarily. Disable your antivirus also and then try to open Yahoo mail. If your mail is still not opening then enable the firewall and seek other solutions.


Logout your Yahoo account from all devices

The user can also get the login error when he has logged in to the Yahoo account on multiple devices. People sometimes use VPN while opening a Yahoo account. You may face issues when your Yahoo account is logged in from multiple geographical locations. Turn off the VPN and log out your Yahoo account from all the devices. Now open your web browser and log in to one device. Enter the correct Yahoo credentials and click on the Sign-in button. If your Yahoo mail is still crashing or showing a login error then ask the Yahoo technical team for help.