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Reasons How COVID is Causing Hair Loss?


Coronavirus is a dangerous disease that has led to many deaths across the world. It goes deeper and affects the respiratory tract, thus causing difficulty in breathing. Covid hair loss comes from long-term symptoms in people who are suffering or recovering from the disease. These people are sometimes known as Covid 19 long haulers.

Other common symptoms include; coughing, fever, fatigue, shortness of breathing, etc.

Although doctors are not a hundred percent sure that it’s the virus that causes hair loss, the following are facts about Covid hair loss.

i)A research study has found that 32% of 3900 people who have survived from the virus have recorded Covid hair loss, and the hair loss has been ranked at number 21 out of 101 Covid 19 symptoms.

ii) Covid hair loss occurs some few months after a stressful condition like high fever, depression due to the virus, etc. This symptom is more common than others, like vomiting, sore throat, and nausea.

iii) Another research study… in Wuhan, China, recorded hair loss in 30% of those who survived the Covid 19 disease. Some victims said that it started after the infection, while others experienced it during the illness.

iv) People who suffer from Covid 19 may experience emotional and physical stress, making your hair in the resting phase and may fall in excess after some time. Covid hair loss is more common in females than males, according to the clinical microbiology and infection report for the year 2021.

The Covid hair loss condition is usually known as the telogen effluvium, a type of hair loss resulting from emotional or physical conditions. It can be stress from the virus which can lead to this condition. For example, people who suffer from Covid 19 and those shocked but have not contracted it can both be affected by hair loss.

Doctors usually diagnose Covid hair loss by performing blood tests to see whether one may be suffering from other diseases like thyroid, which may be the hair loss cause.

How to manage Covid hair loss

1.Doctor consultation

It is always advisable that you visit your doctor when you experience hair loss, especially when suffering from Covid 19 virus or just recovering from it. The doctor can help you by performing some blood tests to see whether you’re suffering from other diseases like thyroid, which may be the leading cause of your hair loss.

You should also notify your doctor about the symptoms you’re noticing from the scalp to see whether they belong to telogen effluvium. If you experience itching, pain, burning, and flaking of the scalp, hair loss may have come from other causes.

2. Do not panic

Many people may panic when they start experiencing hair loss due to stress or from Covid 19. Dermatologists advise that the condition is always temporary, and your hair will start growing back after the shedding stops. Therefore, I should look for a way of overcoming the virus first before concentrating on hair loss.

The Covid hair loss may only occur for three to six months before it stops. Be rest assured that you cannot lose all of your hair.

3. Follow the doctor’s recommendation on specific treatments

Doctors may ask you to use some drugs for treating hair loss available over the counter, such as Minoxidil ( Rogaine). This drug typically comes in solution and foam form, and you should apply it directly to the scalp to help in increasing the density of hair and stop further hair loss. It would be best if you used it twice a day to obtain positive results.

Minoxidil is not suitable for some people like pregnant or breastfeeding women since it may affect them negatively.

4. Keenly monitor unusual signs that come after suffering from Covid 19 disease

You should keenly monitor the signs you experience during or after suffering from the virus and share them with your doctor or at the survivors’ groups, such as Lambert says, to help the doctors and other patients know about the symptoms and find a way of overcoming them.

Long-term symptoms other than Covid hair loss may require you to seek other medication—vision and heart problems.

5. Maintain a proper diet

You should maintain a proper diet that will provide you with nutrients responsible for hair regrowth. Try to eat food rich in vitamin D, biotin, and iron. Below is a guide of the types of food you need to eat.

Vitamin D; Vitamin D fortified cereals and milk, fatty fish.

Biotins include eggs, meat organs, and salmon.

Iron; Turkey, spinach, beans, and chicken.

The Covid hair loss may also result from deficiency; hence would take some multivitamins to core up with it.


Covid hair loss is a common symptom resulting from Covid 19 disease. There is still no evidence that it’s the virus that causes hair loss; hence the condition is linked with stress as the leading cause of hair loss in people suffering from the virus.


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