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Reasons To Hire a Professional for Your Countertop Installation


Getting new countertops is an exciting part of kitchen or bathroom remodels. Countertops can absolutely transform the functionality and appearance of your place. Brand new countertops, specifically the natural stone ones, are an excellent way to enhance your home aesthetic.

Also, countertops can provide extra storage for kitchen items and additional space for preparing meals. It truly is an integral part of a kitchen design. In contrast to materials such as laminate, quartz comes with a lot of durabilities, and it can effectively compete with many popular countertop materials such as granite.

Although the selection of material contributes greatly to making the most out of your investment, another important factor to consider is the installation service. Find the best countertop fabricators and installers near me for a professional job.

You will come across many DIY tutorials when browsing online, and it could be tempting to take on the project yourself to save some money. However, taking matters into your own hand can expose you to a number of different risks.

If you don’t have any prior countertop installation experience, it is best to hire an expert professional for the job. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a skilled professional for your countertop installation.

  • Protection Against Accidents

Installing countertops is not that simple and easy. It comes with a certain degree of risk as you are handling delicate and expensive materials. If you are unsure as to what you are doing, you can easily damage the new countertops during the installation process.

Also, there is always a risk of injuring yourself in the process. Even if you have some helping hands to do the heavy lifting, there are a lot of other tasks, such as finishing and sanding the new surfaces. Furthermore, if you are switching from wood to stone countertops, you will need extra bracing to handle the weight.

Hiring an expert professional for your countertop installation can help eliminate these risks. These professionals know how to handle the industrial-grade equipment safely and can therefore avoid any accidents from occurring.

  • Experience Matters a Lot

Working with an experienced professional not only helps mitigate the risk of accidents but also makes sure that the job is done correctly in the first go. The truth is that countertop installation is a lot more complex than many homeowners realize.

Also, not having any prior experience with countertop installation means that you are going to make some costly blunders. Furthermore, improper installation can leave your countertops with messy grout lines. Moreover, it can cause several maintenance problems and can lead to expensive repairs.

  • Using The Right Tools

Countertop installation requires special tools and equipment that you likely don’t have. Investing in all these tools and supplies can be quite expensive. Also, it can lead to dangerous consequences when you are not sure how to use these tools properly.

Using the right tools and doing careful measurements is important for a good-quality countertop installation. One of the essential tools that a professional installer brings to the table is their years of experience. Their extensive knowledge and expertise enable them to install your countertops expertly and efficiently.

In addition, they will assist you in selecting the best countertop according to your lifestyle and space. Furthermore, when you hire professional help, you get to save a lot of money that you would otherwise be spending on building materials.

Also, professional contractors have an extensive network within the industry and are constantly in touch with the suppliers. These connections enable them to get optimal deals on countertops, cupboards, and other flooring materials.

  • Many Hands Make Light Work

Certain countertop materials, such as granite, can be quite heavy. As a result, the countertop requires appropriate cabinet supports and mounts, or otherwise, it will damage the cabinets or island underneath. You need to install these supports before you place the countertops on them.

As they are pretty heavy, you have to lift them in place and carry them around the house. It often requires many hands, noting that if you drop the countertop, it could damage the floor or even injure someone. A great benefit of hiring professional countertop installers is that they are familiar with these situations. Thus, they can handle these cases.

  • Fit Matters a Great Deal

Your countertop must fit perfectly into the space it is targeting. As an amateur, you might end up ordering a countertop that is too small or too big and will therefore be useless for your space.

If it is too big, you will have to trim it down, and it is something only a professional installer can handle. Also, under no circumstances should you attempt a DIY job. Trimming down a massive chunk of granite is not simple, and a homeowner cannot handle the task single-handedly.

  • Peace of Mind

Eventually, hiring a professional for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling will provide a guarantee that the job will be done the first time perfectly. Also, you don’t have to worry about the materials that you need for the project. Professional contractors use the highest-quality materials for their projects.

In addition, there is always an option of customization where you can pick out the designs that match your individual aesthetic and decorating style. When you hire a professional contractor, they will work with you throughout the project in close collaboration. In the end, you will get an outcome that resonates with your vision for the place.

How To Select the Best Countertop Installers?

To hunt down the best countertop professionals in your area, start with casual online browsing. Websites such as Facebook and Google provide hundreds of reviews that will help you give an idea to businesses. If there is a showroom nearby, you can visit to check their collection. Alternatively, you can send an email or call to inquire more about these services.

Remember to ask the company for their insurance and business license. It ensures the authenticity of the business and guarantees protection in case of an accident. For your upcoming remodeling project, consider hiring an expert professional and avoid unnecessary hassle.