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Reasons to Install a Neon Signboard for Your Business

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There are many reasons to install a neon sign to advertise your business. In fact, is it recommended? Here at Al Rizq Advertising, being the top sign makers in Dubai, we will give more than one reason for you to opt for having a neon sign to market your business, and you will see the results starting to appear.


Neon Signs are attractive. They drag people and consequently customers. They also cast an aura of intrigue and mistic around a brand or the business you want to advertise.

24 Hour Ad

It does not matter if your sign is outdoors or indoors. If it is a neon sign, then clients will see it anywhere as long as it is on and not obstructed by anything. Make the most of your well-spent money by advertising at any time.


Most of the time, Neon signs are primarily considered because of their low cost and their many options in the market. Don’t let that fool you, as neon signs are still one of the most effective signboards to use. At Al Riqz, we are praised for being at the top of signboard manufacturers in Dubai, and so our options are endless.


Customizing a neon sign is easy and another reason they are so popular. They can come in any size, shape or color and here at Al Riqz, we aim to satisfy our customers with the best customization tools and options.

More Energy Efficient, More Earth-Friendly

Neon signs consume about 50% less electricity than any other sign. So not only, you get a great sign, you are also cutting expenses and helping the environment.

Build to Prevail

Neon signs, if given the right maintenance, can last up to ten or more years. That is if assembled and installed correctly. Because neon bulbs do not need much care, they can be left without checking on them for a long time.


Who doesn’t have a good dose of nostalgia when looking at a great neon sign? Because these signs are so popular, customers will be more receptive to the brand or store, making them come back as it makes them feel at home.



The neon history goes a long way back. As we know them today, they have been around for more than 100 years. There was a period between the 1980s and 1990s where neon signs had become a bit less popular, but they quickly came back at the turn of the century, and they stayed until now. That speaks volumes when it comes to the importance of signs. How can we not really on something that passed the test of time?

Here at Al Rizq, we know every type of neon sign and how to bring the most out of them. Visit our website at www.rizqgroup.com to search for a way to improve your business and bring customers to your store. Or contact us to talk with one of our experts and get advice from the best neon sign company in Dubai.