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Reasons to Take Your Child to the Orthodontists


Nobody wants a brace-face, may it be a child or an adult everyone wants an attractive smile. Some people are born naturally with it, while some need to visit an orthodontist to get their smile right. Our Fort Mill Orthodontist offers digital orthodontic treatment which makes it possible for their patients to get a smile they have always dreamed of. Parents are confused about the right age and time to take their child to the orthodontist. 

Just like us, crooked, flared teeth, missing teeth, open bites, deep bites, and more can shatter the confidence of your kid. If you are a parent who has observed their child hiding behind in the school gatherings or not being confident enough due to their smile then you should consider visiting an orthodontist who can help them get a smile they want. 

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that a kid should have an orthodontist visit no later than age seven, it will help you and your child avoid extensive dental work in the future. Here are few reasons why you should take your child to the orthodontist: 

  • Early evaluation of problems to save money in the future: 

By the age of 7 children have some baby teeth, but they have enough permanent teeth, an orthodontist can evaluate and identify if a problem exists or is developing. Some potential problems can be: 

  • Extra teeth and missing 
  • Open bite 
  • Overbite 
  • Underbite 
  • Crossbite
  • Prevent gums and teeth trauma: 

If the child is having an overbite, an orthodontist takes steps to minimize the effects and the right steps to correct the misalignment early. It affects the social life of your child and increases the risks of cracking or tooth which can result in a lifetime of dental work. 

  • Tooth Eruption Support: 

              Early dental intervention allows directing unerupted teeth. With the help of digital x-rays, orthodontics can find out the trajectory of unerupted teeth. Failure to correct these misguided teeth can lead to crooked teeth and a misaligned jaw. 

  • Help with habits:

Healthy habits are steps towards a healthier lifestyle and robust immune system. Good oral habits inculcated at an early age will help to lay a foundation for good oral health for a lifetime. People with poor oral health routines in their childhood have the highest chances of suffering from dental issues. Kids love foods like candies, chocolates, cold drinks which have high sugar levels making their teeth and gums more prone to dental problems. 

Common habits such as teeth grinding, finger sucking or thumb sucking negatively impact kid’s oral health. Orthodontists offer several treatments like a palatal expander, thumb sucking appliance, and more to correct these habits. Seeing an orthodontist at an early age encourages a child to form a healthy oral habit to maintain good overall health.

Scheduling your kids’ appointments with an Orthodontist at an early age helps to create a healthy bond between their orthodontist and they will no longer be afraid to visit their dentist any time. If you are searching for an Invisalign in Fort Mill, SC for your kid then our expert orthodontist at GoClear Orthodontics can help you. Help your child get a healthy and confident smile! Book their appointment at GoClear Orthodontics now!