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Reasons to use WordPress for your site


Most people assume that WordPress is likely to be just another blogging platform, but with time things have evolved, and it isn’t the same anymore. WordPress no doubt started as a blogging tool. Still, it has developed throughout these years in a robust website builder and content management system. one of the best parts about WordPress is that it is pretty easy to use and flexible to make various types of sites. The primary reason why WordPress powers at least 32.3% of almost all websites on the internet is that it has grown immensely grown in popularity. Thanks to its robust features, many major brands use WordPress to power their sites like FaceBook, Sony, Disney, etc. 

WordPress is freedom: The professionals who work at WordPress website design companies in India say that WordPress is free software, which means users can download it for free, install, or modify it to align with their needs. All people need to do is create all website types. WordPress is free, so all you need is a domain name and web hosting to install it. A domain is likely to be the address of your site on the internet. Webhosting is ideally where your website’s house where all areas are possible to store. 

WordPress is relatively easy to personalize with plugins besides themes- Most people who use WordPress are neither programmers nor web designers. Being a matter of fact, most folks tend to start using WordPress without any prior knowledge or designing sites. WordPress is an ideal solution as there are several free website templates for non – tech-savvy folks. No matter what blog you have, there is a perfect WordPress theme for all. WordPress themes are easy to personalize as most of them feature their own options panel allowing people to change color or upload images. People also add personalized functionality to their WordPress site by using plugins. Just like themes, there are several free and premium plugins available for people to use. 

WordPress is quite SEO friendly- WordPress is quite well–written as they use standard compliance high-quality practices or codes. Hence WordPress mainly ranks higher than other sites.

Above all, WordPress is relatively easy to use as per experts at WordPress website development company in India as they come with built-in updates management systems. This mainly allows people to update their plugins or themes from their WordPress admin dashboard. In addition, you can easily use the WordPress backup plugin to protect your data from any accident or hacking. People can also manage their WordPress site from anywhere across the globe using the WordPress website. The app is also relatively easy to use and download.

When it comes to WordPress, it is one of the traditional methods, which have surely not gone out of style in the current times as well. There have been businesses who have made use of WordPress websites, and gained tremendous benefits from the same. The best part is that, it is totally free.


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