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Reasons to Visit an Orthopaedic Doctor or Surgeon


People do some hard work to maintain their life on a daily basis. Even if it is not hard work, it is indeed stressful and hence one keeps facing challenges on a daily basis when it comes to health matters. One can suffer from joint and muscle pains and they can also suffer from tiring nerves.

But that does not mean one has to consult an orthopedic doctor for any kind of muscle or joint pains. There are some warning signs which one should keep in mind and according to that, they can consult an ortho doctor. Here are a few reasons to visit them:

Shoulder Pain

Pain on the shoulders in something which can get worse if neglected. If the pain increases day by day then one must visit an orthopedic doctor. Here, the symptoms are mostly tenderness around the joint and it can happen because of tendonitis. This can happen if there is an overuse of shoulders or if there is an injury. Not only shoulders but one can face the symptoms even on elbows, wrist, and heels. Tendons join the muscles to the bones of the body and if they get injured or lose elasticity then they tend to become inflamed or swelled. Only a doctor can treat it with proper medicines.

Trouble Climbing Stairs

When one ages, over time the hips and knee joints start deteriorating and sometimes they become too painful to even function properly. If one is facing trouble in doing regular things like walking, jogging, or climbing up the stairs then it may be the time that one needs a joint replacement surgery.  If there is chronic pain and if that never goes away in six months then there is a possibility that the joint has become damaged. Undergoing a joint replacement surgery always needs proper medical consultation.

Tingling or Numb Hands

If one feels like they are commonly dropping things then they might be suffering from tingling thumbs or middle finger or index. It can also be possible that one is suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. In this case, the nerve that runs from the forearm to the wrist travels through a tunnel and gives sensations to thumbs and other fingers. This can happen because of some previous injury or constant flexing of the wrists.

Pain from Repetitive Motions

There are some jobs that need constant movement in a repetitive motion and that can cause stress in muscles and injuries on nerves and tendons. If someone works in a constant awkward position then it can also lead to stress injuries. The uncomfortable feeling and pain can be bad and one must need medical attention for this.

Painful Joints

Chronic and constant pain in joints is something that needs medical attention. If the pain persists for more than 6 months then it can be associated with swelling and inflammation around the joint.

One can look for the best orthopedic surgeon around if they feel that they need to undergo a joint or a knee replacement surgery. They can advise the best on that.