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Reasons why straw hats are popular with framers all over


Every morning, the peasants toil in the farmlands for hours on end under mercilessly high temperatures. The sun beats down on them as they work tirelessly with their hoes and shovels. It’s just another day of backbreaking labor until it starts to pour. They rush for cover, but not because they’re afraid of getting wet; instead, they need to shield themselves from the elements so that.

Why not? That’s a good question and one that has been plaguing researchers for decades. “It just doesn’t make any sense,” said Socrates Ibsen, Professor of Agronomy at the University of Minnesota in Duluth, who also happens to be an expert on the peasantry in medieval Europe. “The climatic conditions are ideal for growing crops like soybeans or corn—if you can handle the easy nine-to-five sunburns they give you.” But still, there is no sign of farmers in straw hats; it’s almost as if they weren’t even there! It was like they were invisible or something! I mean, what the hell is the point.

Popular worldwide

Straw hats have been a symbol of farmers all around the world for decades, if not centuries. They reflect the sun and protect the eyes from both harsh light and UV rays. Farmers can stay out in their fields longer without having to squint because of the sunlight. Farmers use straw hats to protect against harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow and keep ticks, flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects carrying diseases. The brim is wide enough to prevent them from crawling up into it.

Aspects of straw hats

Another important aspect is that straw absorbs heat instead of reflecting it like many other materials do, protecting those who wear them from extreme heat. That is why they are popular during summertime when temperatures rise – a farmer cannot afford to risk getting sunburned when working all day in the fields.

Many straw hats come with a chin strap that prevents them from blowing away during strong winds, keeping the vulnerable plants or crops safe and sound inside. It is vital if they are planted on sloped terrain where heavy gusts of wind can blow away large amounts of topsoil together with whatever was growing there.

Affordable and comfortable

For many centuries, plain-colored straw hats have been used because they were cheap to produce and offered a wide range of protection against natural elements and dangerous insects. However, more advanced veiling technology has made it possible for color patterns printing onto these hats in recent years. Combined with the proper tattooing technique, it’s possible to create lightweight yet practical camouflage patterns that allow farmers to camouflage themselves during specific seasons.

Whether you’re planting crops or raising livestock on your farm, there’s always something that people can use these hats for. For instance, planted wheat fields can be hidden using a golden-yellow patterned straw hat decorated with small black dots resembling the seeds of this cereal plant. During summertime, one can conceal rows upon rows of corn underneath a green patterned hat, decorated with an irregular pattern of yellow and brown dots (to resemble leaves).

Wearing one at all times lowers the risk of getting dirt inside one’s eyes when working in the fields by as much as 80%. Farmers who wear them report feeling more confident about their chances to produce healthy crops come harvest.