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Renovation of the bathroom with your own hands. What is all waiting for us?

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What is all waiting for you? In our article you can get answers to your questions, but we will also provide you with some useful tips that you can use when renovating your bathroom.

What is a renovation good for?

The bathrooms left over from communism are part of almost every dwelling house built in earlier times. Today, the bathroom has to be built according to completely different criteria to meet safety and hygiene standards. Old bathrooms certainly don’t follow these rules! Renovation is therefore important not only for comfort but also for aesthetics and technology!

How much will it cost?

This is the most frequently asked question when planning a house renovation. However, there is no universal answer! Renovation can take place in different ways and each bathroom requires individual solutions. This also affects the price itself.

How much work will be done with it, what is the size of the apartment, what changes do we want, what materials will we use, but it is also important whether they want to do the work on their own or with the help of a professional. Based on people’s experiences, we’ve determined your average costs. The price of the bathroom renovation ranges from 800 thousand to 1.6 million forints.

Permits and notification:

Even before they get to work, they have to do a few duties. The renovation must be announced to the caretaker of the building. If the renovation also affects the retaining walls, a static will also need to be called and they will need a building permit. Of course, in order to maintain good relations with neighbors, they also need to be informed about the work. It is best to also specify the exact time of the renovation. A container must also be provided to remove construction waste.

With your own hands or a professional?

Without the help of a specialist, only those who already have some experience in renovating the apartment should see it for the renovation. Otherwise, the only solution is to visit a construction company. So, if you are unsure, you should turn to the professionals instead. Disassembling the bathroom is not that complicated, but do not repair plumbing and electricity without experience. This can cause a big problem. If a major renovation is planned, the help of an architect can come in handy, who will also tell you the most ideal technical and aesthetic solutions!

In addition, renovating a bathroom usually takes 7 to 12 days. Just imagine that they will come to it alone. How much freedom would they need? Properly selected professionals work to a high standard, are time-bound and guarantee the work done.

Pipeline connection:

The first step is to connect the water mains and the electricity network. Everything needs to be paid close attention to! The pipelines must be accessible so that any replacement is not a problem or so that they can also install a water meter. The slope of the plumbing is very important. Their placement depends on the location of the tub, sink and toilet bowl. The height of the drain and the arrangement of the wires can all vary.

Think about it, planning is the basis of everything!

Imagine that your old bathroom is already dismantled and you are dreaming of making the ideal bathroom for you. Before starting the renovation, it is important to know the direction in which the bathroom will be renovated. Here we are thinking mainly of layout. When deciding whether to keep the old layout or prefer a little new, the demands of the work and the cost of renovation are outlined.

If the original layout is retained, they will have much less trouble than if they want to relocate the tub, shower, toilet bowl, or sink. When rebuilding the original layout, they always gain a few extra centimeters. The room can be much more elaborate, the ceiling height can also change, or. the room may seem more spacious. The advantage of retaining the original layout is that the wires do not have to be relocated, as they also remain in the original, proper location.

When changing the original layout, the toilet is usually connected to the bathroom or the layout of the bathroom may also change. As a result, the layout of the electricity network and water mains will also change. Not to mention if I want to move the bathroom to another part of the house! Many people want to relocate the bathroom to the outside wall. Implementing such a change will require skilled, professional workers as it will require an analysis of the entire house. In many cases, a few interventions are needed in the rest of the house as well. This room is usually the kitchen. If you want a large corner bath, we recommend connecting the toilet to the bathroom. This will give you a lot of space and make it much easier to set up your networks.

Construction of partitions:

There are plenty of options to choose from today. Partitions do not necessarily have to be built of brick or concrete masonry units. Most money and work can be saved by choosing drywall. It is a lightweight material that is easy and fast to work with. A minor disadvantage of drywall is the retrofitting of shelves or washbasins. These will require a special construction. Of course, there is a solution to this problem as well!

Sometimes drywall is combined with a masonry wall to make it more load-bearing. It happens more than once that the bathroom and the kitchen have a common wall. In this case, the toilet and washbasin are located on one side of the wall, while the sink and kitchen counter are located on the other side. The combination of drywall and classic wall is best in this case.

They can even use sandwich panels, which are usually made by gluing together wooden boards and polyester. It is considered a good thermal insulator, resistant, especially light, resp. it also tolerates moisture well. For Unclog Kitchen pipe Get some tips here

5 steps to renovate:

  • Demolition of the room and removal of construction waste.
  • Disconnecting networks, relocating wires.
  • Renovation of the bathroom according to the plan or project.
  • Electrical installation and plumbing.
  • Masonry, insulation, lowering of the ceiling, installation of equipment, etc.

Tips and advice:

Noise from the shaft is a common problem. You have to think about this in advance! The shaft must be properly insulated on all sides. It is best to use an insulating material made of mineral wool. To do this, add plasterboard or masonry, so this construction will provide excellent insulation.

When tiling, also count on a certain reserve. The tiling of the corners, stairs, bathtub all affect the original calculations. Even in the event of an accident, it can come in handy to have a few extra tiles. One or two extra packages will not burden anyone’s wallet.

If they have the opportunity, work with an architect or bathroom studio. They develop a project according to their capabilities and expectations.

Try to choose colors that optically enlarge the space. There is certainly not much extra space in the bathrooms in the apartments. You don’t always have to follow trends at all costs! Use reflective surfaces, shower enclosures, possibly glass doors.