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Right Choices With Puerto Escondido Oaxaca in Travel


One of travellers’ favorites from Mexico, la vida perfecta: sport, chill, nap, beach, heat, good humor, delicious food and party. Puerto Escondido is still little known to European tourists so much the better on the one hand so let’s share this little piece of paradise with you with Puerto Escondido Oaxaca.

How to Reach

You can get there by plane, bus or car. Beware of certain roads which are very dangerous within Mexico, and especially around Oaxaca, where you can come across very malicious people. If you can, take the the plane, it is the safest and fastest and internal flights are not expensive.

Advice from the airport: Take the collectives (shared minivan) and not the taxis, it’s more economical because you share the race and they drop you off in front of your hotel anyway.

How to Get Around?

You have several options available to you in this city by the sea:

  • Rent a bike or a scooter from your hotel or hostel or an agency
  • Take taxis, stopping them in the street
  • The most economical: Take the vans on the main avenue for a few pesos
  • And of course on foot for short distances

Carrizalio: It is a small wild cove below where you access it by stairs. This is also where beginners start their first surf lessons as the waves are very small and the sea is calm enough for swimming.

La Punta Zicatela: The ideal spot for eco-friendly, healthy food lovers and vegetarians. The small village at the end of Puerto is full of small cafes and restaurants. Very early in the morning you can also admire many surfers on the beach, intermediate-advanced level.

Playa Zicatela: The main beach in Puerto Escondido, the largest and the one with the most waves. It is almost impossible to swim there. But it is recommend that you go there and enjoy its bars with music, its restaurants feet in the sand and sunbathe on the deckchairs. In the evening, it is the liveliest beach, with the trendiest bars. It is on this beach that the biggest surfing competitions take place, a spot known worldwide for its waves. The competitions are between September and November.

Playa Bacocho: You can’t get wilder. No coffee, no deckchairs but this beach are beautiful and the sunset is worth the trip. This is where you can release the baby turtles at the end of the day around 5 p.m. for 100 pesos and enjoy the sunset as far as the eye can see.

The Essential Activity: Surfing

It’s the sport to practice here. The city is full of surfers, board in hand, on the roof of their 4 × 4 or even on their scooter. Everything is dedicated to the practice of this sport, so it is recommend that you take at least one lesson and try surfing. In addition, it is much cheaper than in France, you might as well take advantage of it.

Bioluminescence Lagoon

Not to be missed, it was a magical moment: swimming at night in the lagoon of Manialtepec and being illuminated by the luminescence of the planktons. You can book a tour with your hotel. You can inquire with your own or tours along Zicatela beach.

Where to Stay In Puerto Escondido?

For those who wish to opt for the Hostel option with dormitories or private room, it is recommended Puerto Dreams Hostel, one of the best hostels in Mexico. You can rent a private room, with small balcony and private shower for 4200 pesos for 7 nights (27 € per night) with breakfast. But there are also many dormitories. The place is very beautiful, cozy, comfortable, clean and secure.

The advantages: daily activities, very friendly staff, very good breakfast, free bike loan, partnerships with local shops and offers surf lessons. This is located in the city center, a little further from the beaches. They also have 2 other hostels: La Escondido (more economical) and Mexpipe (by the sea).