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Road Trip Apps: 8 Helpful Services to Install Before You Go


A road trip is the best you can think of for your vacation. Driving a car gives you freedom of movement. At the same time, you can easily organize a road trip anywhere in the world through the car hire service. 

However, along with all the benefits of traveling by car, you get additional hassle. Where is the best place to hire a car? Where to find a car park? How to book a car hire for 21 year olds UK? What sights to visit during your trip? Fortunately, modern apps on your smartphone will easily answer all these questions. 

So if you are going on a road trip, install the following useful programs before you go…


Any journey begins with getting ready for the trip, and the most important thing is to pack your suitcases correctly so as not to forget anything. Luckily, PackPoint can help you take your essentials with you. 

It automatically generates checklists for everything you need on vacation, depending on the type of your trip. A trip to the beach, hiking in the mountains, or just sightseeing in the city – the program has a list of all the necessary things for each case. By the way, you can share the lists with your travel companions on a group trip.


This application helps the driver to quickly find nearby points of interest. By using the phone’s GPS device, it will show you banks, bars, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, cinemas, restaurants, grocery stores, and many other facilities within walking or driving distance. 

This program is ideal for drivers who often travel in unfamiliar territory. We advise you to install this application on your smartphone, especially if you didn’t have time to plan your travel route in advance.


The Waze service offers maps created and edited by users themselves. The mobile application allows you to see the current traffic situation, so you will immediately see what’s ahead. In addition, the service helps in building the fastest and most suitable route, taking into account various factors. 

Each customer gets points for being active in forming maps and helping other drivers. Sometimes users complain about inaccurate data, but keep in mind that Waze is a social media. Nevertheless, the app displays the most up-to-date traffic information wherever you go.


Rental24H is one of the best car hire applications. It has all the most popular cars, including mini, economy, station wagon, minivan, SUV, and luxury vehicles. The service operates in 160 countries around the world and analyzes offers from 900 car hire companies. So, you will definitely get the best deal. Finding a rented car is pretty straightforward. 

To get started, just enter the desired location/dates of your trip, and the application will select a list of all available deals for you. Then you can compare them by using filters, which will allow you to choose the best car hire.



Finding a place to park your car in an unfamiliar city or area is sometimes very difficult. The Parkopedia app currently knows more than 60 million parking spaces in 75 countries. It will help you to find out the car park’s address and the number of free spaces at the moment. Plus, the app will show you the way to the car park, as well as its current prices and payment methods. 

With the help of various filters, such as “free parking” or “credit cards accepted”, you can quickly find a suitable place to leave your car.


Do you remember your first feelings when driving a car? Most car enthusiasts associate these feelings with adventure and travel. The Yelp app helps you easily explore new unfamiliar places, including new restaurants, new stores, and much more. 

The application won’t let you miss all the fun. This service is useful for a large number of users who leave their reviews about restaurants, attractions, and other tourist sights. As a result, you will read them and decide whether you should visit this or that place.


Find Your Car with AR 

If you parked your car in the back streets of an unfamiliar city and set off to explore the surroundings on foot, then the application will help you find the way back to your car. The app determines and remembers the car’s GPS coordinates. So, it’s enough to activate the application and go about your business. And when required, the application will find your car by itself and show the way to it, wherever you are!

Hudway Go 

Modern cars come with special displays that project reading onto the windshield. It’s incredibly convenient! If your car doesn’t have this, you can replace it with a regular smartphone or tablet. 

Hudway Go is a navigation application optimized for head-up display mode. It’s enough to launch the app, put the gadget on the front panel, and then you’ll see all the necessary information on the windshield. Hudway Go runs on free OpenStreetMap service, provides a little navigation information to keep you on the road, and has voice guidance. At the same time, the application needs the Internet only for creating the route, after which the connection is not required for the program to work. 

You can also find the route and send it to friends, which is especially convenient for collective trips.