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Rock Climbing VS Bouldering: What’s the Difference?

Rock Climbing

Working out is no longer the stiff, boring activity it used to be. Nowadays, many people merge their workout routines with pleasure, ensuring they are always motivated to stay fit and look after their bodies.

One such method that has grown immensely popular over the years is rock climbing and bouldering. While this may not seem like a good way to exercise, both methods provide great physical and mental health benefits. However, if rock climbing seems like too much of an extreme sport, bouldering may be a better route to go, without sacrificing the results you’ll see.

What’s the difference between rock climbing and bouldering? Find out! 

What is Rock Climbing?

Rock climbing is a sport where you can see both the physical and mental benefits. It entails ascending a steep wall using your hands, equipment or natural occurrences as support, requiring strength and stamina from those who partake in it.

Nowadays, rock climbing has become a very popular activity among many different age groups. This is because it’s fairly inexpensive to start, yet offers numerous health benefits that will have you coming back for more! Simply look into indoor rock climbing gyms or outdoor courses to find help with this sports activity.

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering, on the other hand, is an exciting variation of rock climbing that has become increasingly popular, especially among those who are interested in the sport but want to stay away from heights.

Also known as bouldering or boulder climbing, this activity requires climbers to scale over 15 feet high up rocks without any equipment whatsoever. Sounds challenging enough? Bouldering provides a great cardiovascular workout whilst also strengthening your arms, shoulders and legs! 

How Do You Start Bouldering?

You don’t need much to get started with bouldering! All you’ll need is some loose fitting clothing (long pants and shirts), sturdy shoes for gripping onto surfaces (rock climbing shoes) and of course, a bouldering wall to get up and start climbing!

Although some people may think bouldering is more dangerous than rock climbing, it’s actually much safer. This is because there are pads placed strategically throughout the bouldering walls to help cushion your fall and prevent injuries from happening.

How Do Rock Climbing and Bouldering Differ?

So, now you know what rock climbing and bouldering is and how to get started. But wait, what exactly is bouldering? And how does it differ from rock climbing?

The main difference between the two is that rock climbing involves scaling up many different surfaces of varying heights using your hands or feet for support, while bouldering consists of a single big boulder instead.

There are still a few similarities between both activities, however. For example, both require lots of strength and endurance as well as mental focus in order to carry out their respective sports correctly. The biggest advantage though with bouldering compared to traditional rock climbing is its low impact factor. What this means for those who partake in it regularly is less injuries from being too intense or pushing yourself too hard.

What are the Benefits of Bouldering?

Following on from this, there are numerous health benefits associated with bouldering. It’s a great way to keep fit while simultaneously challenging your mind and learning new skills that will help you grow as an individual 

Some of the top reasons why boulderers love their sport include:

  • Cardiovascular workout – helps build stamina whilst strengthening body muscles 
  • Low impact factor – very safe due to strategically placed pads on the failsafe bouldering wall 
  • Boosts self confidence – builds mental strength through focused training sessions 
  • Teaches focus and perseverance – strengthens mind through regular practice of challenges! 

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Bouldering is certainly a unique sport on its own, whether you’re already a pro or just starting out. There are several benefits associated with bouldering such as learning new skills and staying fit – making it the perfect activity for everyone!

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