In today’s era, where the demand for MBA’s is rising. Students also highly opt for doing an MBA. MBA is the most liked career option by students and even their parents. Doing an MBA from a profound university or college assures you of a job. But there are a lot of colleges that provide MBA programs. 


Today let’s discuss the two best MBA colleges in Toronto. The colleges that have achieved the top ratings in studies. The colleges are ROTMAN VS SCHULICH MBA. Both the colleges are known for their master’s degrees. They both provide full-time MBA degrees to their students. But there are still some differences that make them different from each other.


Let’s discuss those differences. 


  •  Rotman College is affiliated with the University of Toronto. But the Schulich College provides you a full-time MBA from York University. Both are the top colleges. But they are affiliated through different universities. The exciting point is both of them have full-time MBA programs for 2 years. 


  • Both the colleges accept entrance exams with different cut-offs. The Rotman College accepts TOFEL with a cut-off of 100, IELTS with a cut-off of 7.0, GMAT with a cut-off of 660. This is an average cut-off but it depends on the overall result of that particular year. Now let’s discuss the exams acceptable by Schulich College and their cut-off. The Schulich College accepts the TOFEL with cut-off 100, IELTS with cut-off 7.0 and GMAT with cut-off 550, GRE with cut-off 309. 


  • The basic criteria for admission to both colleges are graduation degree. The student should have a degree from any university. And the entrance exam should be cleared with minimum requirements. The students must have an English proficiency degree. The exams that have to be cleared are discussed already. For admission to Rotman College, the student must have work experience of at least 4 years. But for admission to Schulich College, the work experience must be of 5 years. 


  • There is some difference in the fee structure of both colleges. Both the colleges provide 2-years master course of MBA. The fee structure of a 2 year master’s course in Rotman. Tuition fees for 1st year are INR 36, 38,775. The other expenses include hostel, insurance, transport, books, personal expenses, etc can cost up to INR 11, 41,635. And the fee structure of Schulich College for 2 years master’s course. Tuition fees for 1st year are INR 30, 04,790. Other expenses include personal expenses, transportation, hostel, and many more can cost up to INR 14, 78,259. 


  • Both the colleges have strong alumni. That helps the students in their career enhancement. Many multinational companies come to the college and hire the best students. The colleges have links with top multinational companies that are beneficial for the students. But if we discuss Rotman and Schulich college. Then the Rotman College provides more placement opportunities than Schulich. As more students get placement in Rotman College. If we see the average package offered by the companies to students. Then also Rotman College provides the highest salary package from Schulich College.


So, these are some of the basic differences between the Rotman College and Schulich College. But as we see both the colleges have very good ratings in almost all the aspects. Both the colleges have the best teaching programs and staff that provide the best study material. There are many specializations that both the colleges offer to their students under the MBA program.