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Safe lock servicing is a generic term and covers a multitude of activities. Last century safe lock servicing used to specifically refer to stripping down a spin combination lock and then cleaning and lubricating all the required parts. Few people understand that spin combination safe locks need regular servicing. There are around 15 moving parts in a standard 3 number combination lock. many of the parts are brass and over time the parts cease to move freely. The result is a safe lockout which can be a VERY expensive exercise. Sargent & Greenleaf in their safe service manual recommend the mechanical safe locks be serviced a minimum of every 5 years, more if the lock is being used frequently. The Banking Industry has a very strict regime for servicing their safe locks. They understand the pain and cost when a safe lock plays up and you have customers screaming for their cash. Today the term safe servicing is used to fix and repair all manner of safes. Strictly speaking electronic safe locks don’t need ANY safe servicing other than to change the batteries. That said the other mechanisms such as handles, hinges and bolt work may still need a check over every 5 – 10 years. If you have any questions relating to safe lock servicing please contact us by using the email address at the top of the Home page. I look forward to hearing from you.