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Safe moving Brisbane to the Gold Coast


Safe moving is not about using only muscle & brawn, in fact, it’s mostly about skill and technique. Every safe move must be done in a manner that is safe for all concerned. When you consider the average safe we move is 600kg it’s easy for accidents to occur. We have specialist staff and equipment that makes safe moving a low-risk activity. We have been moving and repositioning safes in all suburbs around Brisbane for almost 15 years.


Steps and stairs do complicate safe moving and any move where steps or stairs are encountered does increase the cost. We will inspect the floor the safe must travel over to ensure that it will hold the weight. If there is any doubt we will engage a structural engineer to sign off on the job.

People regularly ask us to move safes out of a building when they are moving or closing a branch. When an elevator is involved we often get an elevator technician to oversee the operation. Many elevators have overload sensors on the floor which stop the lift from working when overloaded. If too much weight is concentrated in one area of the lift floor even though the lift capacity is sufficient the lift won’t work.

Moving a safe into a house presents more complications than into (or out of) a business. Doorways tend to be smaller and the flooring is generally weaker than a commercial building. Whenever we deliver a safe in Brisbane we always recommend bolting the safe down and we have a variety of techniques to secure the safe to the floor.