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Safety Tips: Maintain Your Oxygen Concentrator


If you are experiencing COPD or other lung diseases, using the right amount of oxygen is vital for you. In that case, the best way to ensure the proper amount of oxygen is to use oxygen concentrators. Oxygen concentrators provide medical-grade oxygen and help you treat your medical condition. Further, you are suggested to use oxygen concentrators when you experience a low oxygen level in your blood. This device creates pure oxygen using surrounding air by eliminating unnecessary gases.

Nowadays, oxygen concentrators are available in lightweight models that allow you to carry them from one place to another. Moreover, this article will walk you through some tips to keep your oxygen concentrator maintained and working. You can shop for this device from a portable oxygen concentrator rental in your area.

Maintain a safe distance from open flames or fires

If you use an oxygen concentrator like a Primo Medical oxygen concentrator at home, you will have to maintain a safe distance from open fires or flames. You can practice this measure when you are close to a bonfire. It is suggested that one should always use this device at least two meters away from fire or any flammable resources. By doing so, you can avoid potential fire hazards causing due to oxygen.

Consider using precaution when showering or bathing

If you have purchased an oxygen concentrator like a portable oxygen concentrator rental,you should always keep the device away from water or any other moist component. That means you don’t have to get it wet or exposed to moist air. But there will be certain circumstances when you need to perform specific needs like showering or bathing with your unit. In that case, a bathroom exhaust fan, extended tubing leading, cannula, and a detachable showerhead will be helpful for you.

Don’t go close to pools and other water bodies

You know that you have to prevent your oxygen concentrator like Primo Medical oxygen concentrator from getting wet. You have to implement the same tips when you are close to pools or other water bodies. You have to maintain a safe distance when you are near pools or other water bodies. You may come in contact with a water hazard anytime if you are near water bodies. You should also look at the sky when going outside and follow proper safety measures to ensure the safety of your unit.

Don’t smoke when you are near a portable oxygen concentrator

If you are on oxygen therapy, it is not safe to smoke. Even it is very dangerous if you smoke during oxygen therapy as it can cause injuries. Also, you should not allow others to meet with smoking. Stop people coming into your room if they are smoking. In case you want to smoke or someone near you has to smoke, you must first turn the oxygen concentrator off, remove your cannula and go to a different room. Suppose you are unable to go to a different room for smoking. In that case, you need to wait for at least 10 minutes after turning off the concentrator like a portable oxygen concentrator rental.

Avoid aerosol products

You should avoid using any aerosol products while using a portable oxygen concentrator. An aerosol product is made with hairsprays, body sprays, and air fresheners and they are highly flammable. So, while using an oxygen concentrator like Primo Medical oxygen concentrator, make sure you are not using any such products.

Store a portable oxygen concentrator properly while traveling 

It is beneficial to have a portable oxygen concentrator but make you have stored it correctly while you are on the way. If you have to travel by plane, train, or automobile, you must ensure that your unit is properly stored. By doing so, you can ensure the safety of yourself and passengers in addition to preventing damage to the machine. On the other hand, you have to avoid dropping your unit on the ground to void your warranty. That’s all. These are the tips you can follow to ensure the safety of your oxygen concentrator in different aspects of your life. You can follow the manufacturing guidelines for the best care guidance.