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SAT Subject Tests And AP Exams- The Difference


Landon Schertz : SAT tests are basic reasoning tests that are required to pass while getting admission to a college. These standard practice tests include analytical-based questions that are quite easy and increase the probability of your new admission. It determines your strengths and special interests to help you allocate to the matching courses or curriculum. 

SAT tests also benefit you with various student scholarships, if you manage to bag in commendable scores. The prime purpose of taking SATs is to judge a student’s psychological readiness, as he/she has just completed high school. SAT includes different types of questions that judge students on various grounds, thus, getting to know their intellectual capabilities. Therefore, colleges and universities strive to filter the best fits from the available pool of applicants via SAT subject tests.

Before taking admission to a college, a student can also opt for an AP (Advanced Placement) examination test that bags him/her the opportunity to graduate earlier than the rest of the batch, spend less on college fees, can complete the overall curriculum in lesser time, etc. This is based on a student’s ability to succeed in a higher-level setup of learning whenhe/she is in college, or about to get admitted. 

AP tests check your readiness for advanced content learning so you are directly enrolled for graduate-level programs, and possess a tendency of higher education. Such examination tests do not bind every other student, but special learning classes are aligned for students who show interest and hold superior academic strength. 

Similarities Between SATs And APs 

Students often confuse and misunderstand the actual purpose of SAT tests and AP examinations, though they are different in nature, they also share a few similarities in their nature, which are discussed below:

  • Both Are Great For College Applications – It is important to note that both these tests are organized to take part in the college admission process. These tests judge your capabilities to cope with the college curriculum and require students to succeed in them. Both tests enhance your intellectual skills and give you the opportunity to boost your college application.

  • Both Have Benefits In College – Since these test similarities of providing educational benefits to the students, they are extremely helpful for them to realize a student’s area of interest, and increase their knowledge base. They also have a greater impact on your mind and boost your confidence, ultimately preparing you well for your college admission. While SATs help you realize your analytical abilities, Advanced Placement tests let you prepare rigorously for higher studies, therefore both examination tests aid and support your college journey.

  • Both Are Based On A Specific Subject –  The prime similarity between SAT tests and AP examination revolves around the application of the human mind to solve analytical questions, concept-based tasks, and logical reasoning. These are a few sections of both the tests that hold a similar sight and require students to master them for further college admission.

Differences Between SATs And APs

Even though these tests appear to be similar in nature, the extent of questions asked in both tests is poles apart, as the former deals with the entry-level questionnaires, whereas the latter calls for advanced preparation. 

  • Test Format And Commitment – While SAT tests include numerous sections of multiple-choice questions, AP test examinations further include essay writing and detailed, lecture-based queries. SATs only demands a need to prepare for general reasoning questions, analytical portions in the test, therefore require a normal commitment time. However, AP test examinations require dedicated time to study all literature sections, prepare for multiple-choice queries, and problem-solving assessments. The process to assess and prepare for AP Tests should include rigorous training and effective practice sessions.

  • Availability And Options – SAT tests are available at the time of taking admissions to a college, and there are numerous options of SAT, basis different courses and curriculums. On the order hand, AP test examinations are available only to enroll for completing graduate courses, before or during college admission. SAT is necessary to be given multiple times before taking admission to a college, whereas, one might not opt for an AP test if they do not wish to grab college credit.

  • The Academic Level Of Qualification – One of the supreme differences between the two examinations is the required academic level of qualification. While an individual should have high school knowledge to appear for an SAT test, it is essential to have an upper hand at analytical, reasoning, problem-solving, and general assessments to give an AP test examination. Students who possess a greater sense of organized and logical reasoning expertise usually incline towards taking an advanced placement examination to take advantage of the college credit opportunities.

Now that you know what marks the SATs and AP examinations, it is time for you to analyze your pattern to emerge our victorious. But, if you think you need help preping for these, Landon Schertz can help you achieve what you desire. With his elaborate expertise and phenomenol lesson plans, he is best suited to tutor you.