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Secrets to Bringing Families Closer With Spy App for Android


Last week I was on a business trip out of town. I did not inform my kid as I was planning to surprise him. I could not contact him so I went straight to his dorm, that’s when I found out about the whole incident. He got in a minor accident and broke his wrist so was staying at the dorm for a week. He called back and told me he was busy in the class that’s why missed my call. Well, when I knocked at his door and he opened it that’s when he found out that I was in the same class as well. Anyway, I took him home with me for a week. His only excuse was that he did not mean to worry us that’s why he did not tell us about the whole incident.

He spent the week at home and went back to school, but that incident shook us badly. We were worried that maybe there are many more such incidents that we don’t know about. Plus this time it was just a minor accident. What’s if he gets in trouble and still doesn’t let us know. How will we be able to take care of him and assure his safety when we don’t know about his whereabouts and life. My wife blamed me for this as she did not like the idea of sending him to another city for education. Anyway, now that it was necessary to satisfy her and my self I thought of getting a spy app for android for him.  The chosen app was the OgyMogy and the installation thing almost revealed our secret but thankfully it all ended well.

We are now monitoring his every move thanks to OgyMogy and it has helped our family in so many ways.  I am here to share my experience with OgyMogy. Hopefully, it would spark an interest in parents out there to get the parental control app for their teenagers well.

About The Installation:

The installation needs physical access to the target device. Although all the monitoring is done remotely the installation must be done physically. Make sure the target device is not password encrypted at the time of installation. We installed the app when he came back for a visit next month. We did the homework and were ready to handle the matter. Although he almost caught us red-handed but things went smoothly dramatically and we are so glad they did.

Get To Know Them Well:

With the OgyMogy spy app for android, you can know them well. For example, we did not know that our kid liked swimming, and the reason to select that school was, they have a good pool and swimming club. By using the camera bug feature we found out when the front and rear camera saved some images of the activities. He looked so happy and that’s when we decided to support him in this hobby.

 Track Their Whereabouts:

He spends most of the time in the library and that’s because he is trying to get the scholarship. We knew he is a good kid but we’re even more proud of him. We let him know that we are saving for his studies so he does not have to worry about the college fee. Of course, that was told naturally without making him realize that his mother is worried that he will miss the school adventures if he stayed locked up in the library.

Keep Up with the Online Friends and Company:

Some of his online friends were red flags. OgyMogy spy app for android lets the user monitor all the major social media activities accounts of the target secretly. We did what we could to make sure he has a good online company.

Know When They are Down or Need  A Listening Ear:

The mic bug feature lets the user listen to the surrounding sounds of the target person. So when he missed her sister’s birthday and she was furious we tried our best to calm her down. As we knew he has an important game that day that would have kept him busy.

The OgyMogy spy app for android naturally makes you a good and supportive parent. We know about things teenagers usually do not share with us and if wisely used it can bring so much peace and happiness to the family.