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SEO Trends of 2021: Content Writing vs Copy-Writing


If SEO is the mind, then content is the heart.

Good content on your website can take your business from zero to hero. The content can be divided into many types but the most trending in 2021 are copywriting and content writing.

Many people think that both copywriting and content writing are the same, but that is not true; both the writings have their own work of responsibility that is often misunderstood by people. There are some overlaps in between as both the positions have clear distinctive roles.

Here in this post, Let us discuss all the facts and points of both the copywriting and content writing.

What Is SEO Content Writing?

The process of writers creating unique and perfect content for a business or other website to make it rank on the search engine is known as SEO content writing. Everyone knows that the key to rank high is content with a legit SEO on it.

SEO content writing is the easiest way to build a relationship with customers as online businesses stand on the basis of relationships. The SEO content writing doesn’t work as promotional advertisements that you watch on the TV, radio, telemarketing, etc. The content for SEO should provide education, valuable and entertaining information with the reviews of the previous , and other well-known customers about the product or service.

In SEO content writing, you don’t promote offers or services directly as it bores the customer and doesn’t attract them at all. It is about indirectly contacting the customers and asking them to join if they like or need something.

Benefits of SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing helps a website with multiple benefits that are:

  1. It increases the search rank of the website with a specific combination of the keyword.
  2. It provides great knowledge to the essential people.
  3. It provides numerous clicks from the SERPs of Google.
  4. It encourages the traffic to choose their interest of field and land to the website for more.
  5. It attracts the back-links that have high authority.
  6. It’s good content can direct the readers or customers to the related pages of the website that may result in a conversion.
  7. It’s unique and persuasive type of content can convert the visitors into buyers, subscribers, or leads.

And the most important part is that SEO content helps the brands to develop a better affinity with customers to manage a positive brand reputation. It can result in boosted website domain authority. It is not bounded to blog posts or press releases; videos, slideshows, photos, infographics, ebooks, webinars, or even podcasts can be covered in it.

This is a brief about SEO content writing, now let’s see a little about SEO copywriting.

What Is SEO Copy-writing?

As we have read about Content writing that, it doesn’t promote directly, the SEO copy-writing is absolutely the opposite as it focuses on direct responses for the advertisement of a specified product and brand. A combination of unique keywords is the basis of SEO copywriting.

Copywriting covers multiple projects depending on the company, product, and services. Web pages, landing pages, tweets, blogs, articles, Facebook posts, product descriptions, and promotional copy- all are covered and referred through copywriting. One has to maintain the tone, style, and readability of the content to take care of the keyword density and reputation.

What Is the Difference Between Content Writing & Copy-Writing?

There is a great difference between both of the writings as they both belong to different culture of writing. Here is the difference between both of the writings described in the table style.

Copy-Writing Content Writing
Promotional advertising Entertaining
Growth focused SEO optimization
Persuasive Conversational
Safe/ familiar Surprising unconventional
Lofty in tone Genuine, empathetic
One way communication Dialogues
All about you All about your prospects
Short-form Long-form
Drives sales and generates leads Use storytelling to bring the business to life.
Delights the reader so that they want to take action. Informs, educates, and engage the readers.
Uses emotion to seal the deal with words. Builds know, like and trust factors over time.
Used for ads, emails, websites, and social media. Is longer than the content like blogs, articles, white paper.

These are the 12 major differences between the copywriting and content writing that explains all about both of the writings. Let’s know a bit about when to hire a writer for your style of writing.

When to Hire an SEO Content Writer?

If you want to generate more traffic with high-quality, error-free, keyword-optimized, and relevant content, then you should hire an SEO content writer.

The reasons why a business wants to hire an SEO content writer are as follows:

  1. It helps to increase the keyword rankings of a website.
  2. It boosts Click-Through-Rates (CTR) from SERPs.
  3. It improves the navigation of the website on the search engine.
  4. It attracts high-authority back-links with content.
  5. It repurposes the existing content with more effective language.
  6. It diverts the users to other pages within the website.
  7. It advises about the content application.
  8. It optimizes internal and external linking with existing content.
  9. It converts unique visitors into subscribers, leads, buyers, or customers.

Types of SEO Content Projects

The SEO content writers handle a specific type of project that increases the organic traffic with the end goal. These goals are to draw the attention of the links towards the site.

For example: If the company provides assignment help for the students, the SEO content writers will handle the various types of projects such as:

  1. Blog Posts That Are SEO-Friendly.
  2. Service Pages That Are SEO-Friendly.
  3. Local SEO Content for Businesses.
  4. Content for Service Pages.
  5. Content for PPC Landing Pages.
  6. Content That Can Build Links.
  7. SEO Content for Guest Posts.

When to Hire a Copywriter?

According to the project they handle and write for, you will find copywriters of different fields. There are many different types of online platforms that require copywriting for promotion, like – Google ads, Facebook ads, landing pages, social media posts, print ads, billboard ads, sales pages, product pages, and many more.

If your primary goal for an online company is to convert the traffic into sales and leads, then copywriting is the best way for you. This traffic can be both paid or organic from social media campaigns, paid ads on different channels, direct traffic, and others.

For a better sale and to increase the conversion rate, the company should hire a copywriter who can provide the exact type of writing and convert the coming traffic. For each and every type of copy project, the researching, writing, targeting, and launching can be very different.

Types of Projects Copywriters Take On

When a business wants to focus on the sales-friendly SEO, then copywriters are the best choice for hiring. They can provide you the specific type of content that you want for your promotion. It depends exclusively on the type of project a business has.

For example: If the company provides Thesis help for the students, the copy-writers will handle the various types of projects such as:

  • Content for Facebook Ads
  • Content for Instagram Ads
  • Content for Social Media Posts
  • Content for email campaigns
  • Content for Print Marketing Materials
  • Content for Video Scripts
  • Content for Sales Pages
  • Content for Newspaper Ads
  • Content for Product Descriptions
  • Content for Non-SEO Landing Pages
  • Content for Business Names and Tag -Lines
  • Content for Website Copy
  • Content for White Papers or Product Demos
  • Content for Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Content for On-Site Navigation Copy

You can find a skilled copywriter by notifying the specific type of copy that you require generally.

This is a complete reference for you to hire a writer all according to your requirement. Now let’s take a look at the preferences given by the SEO ranker to the both types of writers and their writings.

What Is More Preferred for the SEO Ranking?

The SEO content writing and copywriting both serve their own particular purposes and provides their own kind of words for the required type of pages. Depending upon the desired results with writing, businesses hire writers for them.

As both are for different types of projects and companies, they are important in their own way. SEO requires these two types of writings to achieve a better result. A combination of these is the best way to get both leads and provide information to the audiences.

Hence, we can’t say the name of only one style of writing. One should choose all according to their type of online company business.


The conclusion is that both the copywriting and content writing require different skills to rank on the SEO. They both are preferred for different types of companies and projects. This 2021, the trend is uplifting to do the best with the skills of copy writing and content writing. Both writings are different as well as important for projects to achieve their desired results.