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SEO vs PPC – Which one should you Choose?


This is the most debated question in the digital marketing and content marketing circles but there is not a single answer to this question as the solution varies for each person. The solution is dependent on the factors like the market position of the competitor, the budget restraints, and the business goals of the competitor. 

Yet you would come across many experts who would claim that SEO is much better than PPC. They are right but only partly. SEO surely gives a better cost per lead than paid search but it has a slow learning curve than PPC and also your strategies cannot be as much targeted as PPC ads. Any NJ SEO company will tell you the same. 

Thus, PPC is better for the businesses that wanted to attract traction in their early stages of marketing itself. At the end of the day it is all about the basics of digital marketing; understanding your customer base and then targeting the consumer group with your specialized curated content. This will help you to determine if you need an SEO strategy, a PPC strategy, or an integrated one. 

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of both strategies. 


Before starting with the comparison of the two strategies, let us be very clear about the two major differences between them. SEO curated content is placed below the paid ads on the search results page and the traffic generated from SEO is free; PPC generates paid traffic. 


SEO can help you with the organic traffic on your website & increase the awareness of your brand. It increases your brand’s visibility among the potential customers by targeting the keywords focused around it and a website visitor can convert into a lead for your business. Speaking of website visitors, SEO can help you to maximize the number of visitors to your website. 

Increased website traffic is always a good sign for business growth and helps your business to establish trust and credibility. Most of the time users skip ads and paid strategies to go for organic results. 

As the traffic generated from SEO is free of cost the cost per click is very low. And thus eventually the ROI using the SEO strategy is very high. Also, SEO strategies are flexible. You can widen or narrow down the scope of your SEO strategy as per your business requirement. 

As no strategy is 100% perfect SEO is no exception. In many instances, SEO strategies have witnessed slow traffic growth and also require much more effort and time than the PPC ads. 


PPC on the other hand is more suited for the brands that wanted to go for targeted advertising. It is more focused and sharp than an SEO marketing strategy.  Advantages of PPC for your business is more than SEO because we need leads in a short time. With paid search, you get the top position reserved for you. Whether it is a mobile device, a desktop, or a tablet, a Paid ads user will get the top position in all three devices on the search results page. 

Also with PPC ads, you can get more creative as they allow the use of visual product ads. These visual ads improve the CTR of the ad thus increasing the visibility and awareness of your business. Furthermore, PPC allows you to target your end audience. There are several parameters and filters you can use for your ads so that you get better results for every penny spent. 

Along with all these benefits, PPC also has its fair of disadvantages. The first is that it can be quite expensive for some businesses. Also, it requires constant investment. So it can not be considered as a long-term strategy. 

Rather than relying on a single strategy advertiser must integrate both PPC and SEO strategies in their marketing campaigns. 

You can invest in an NJ SEO company that lets you be flexible and helps you to choose both the strategies for your online campaigns.